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On the occasion of the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan, the Congregation for Interreligious Dialogue published a letter to Muslims around the world entitled: “Christians and Muslims, Promoters of Love and Friendship”. The Holy See hopes that Christians and Muslims all over the world will work together to build world peace.

(Vatican News Network)The Congregation for Interreligious Dialogue publishes a letter to Muslims around the world on the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan in Islam in 2023. The letter, signed by Card Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, president of the ministry, and Mgr Indunil Kodithuwakku Janakaratne Kankanamalage, secretary general, is entitled “Christians and Muslims, facilitators of love and friendship”.

A Ramadan that matters for all

The letter begins by saying that Ramadan is “important” not only to Muslim believers, but also “to your friends, neighbors, and followers of other religions, especially Christians.” At this time, “existing friendships are strengthened” , new friendships are being forged, and a path is opened that increases peace, harmony and joyful coexistence”. All this is “in accordance with the will of the Lord for our community, for all its members and for the one and only human family”.

The Threat of Hate Culture

The letter continued: “The threat is fueled by a culture of hate. Therefore, we need to find the most appropriate ways to fight it, overcome this culture, and strengthen love and friendship, especially between Muslims and Christians.” Friendship.” The letter emphasized that everything stems from attitudes towards each other, “especially when we have differences in religion, race, culture, language or politics”. However, if “difference is to be seen as a threat”, then everyone “has the right to a specific identity, to be different, without ignoring or forgetting what we have in common”.

interpersonal aggression

The letter goes on to point out “negative attitudes and behavior towards those who are different from us”: a myriad of “doubts, fears, competition, discrimination, exclusion, persecution, controversy, insults, and gossip” intertwine. In this context, “social media platforms are also a common space for this harmful behavior, which has been reduced from a tool of communication and friendship to a means of hostility and struggle”. In this regard, the letter cites the Pope’s “Frethren” (Brothers All) encyclical teaching: “Many people indulge in consumption and indulge in the solitary state of ease, but choose continuous and uncontrollable connection with others, but they advocate hostile, insulting, slandering, verbal violence that hurts others, wantonly So that human contact hurts each other. Interpersonal aggression is proliferating like never before through the development of mobile devices and computers.” (Brothers, No. 44)

Carry forward the culture of friendship

The letter concludes: “The opposite of the above negative behaviors, respect, kindness, charity, friendship, mutual concern for all, forgiveness, cooperation for the common good, helping all in need, and caring for the environment, make our The common home becomes a safe and pleasant place where we can live together in peace and joy.” In order for these behaviors to prevail, it is necessary not only to fight the culture of hate, but also to educate the next generation “in all the spaces where the next generation is nurtured, namely in the home, school, ceremonial places and social media”. A world of justice, peace, love and prosperity, which pleases the Almighty and brings us joy. To this end, may we accelerate the pace of our sincere and joint efforts. “

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