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C & # 39; is a religious festival very important for both Christians and Jews: Easter.

Each year, the faithful of both religions meet to commemorate and remember various events that marked events in the history of each of their religions.

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And in this 2019, as happened in previous years, the Easter Jews and Christians are celebrated at the same time this weekend.

— What the word means Easter? —

The word Easter appears in Latin as "pascha", in the Greek πάσχα "páscha" and in Hebrew (pesáh) Pesach in Spanish, eseñala the Royal Spanish Academy.

is Easter in practice it means "step" or "jump".

— The Easter Jew —

In ancient times, Easter It was a feast of shepherds in which a lamb was sacrificed as an offering to ask for fruitfulness.

They celebrated the transition from winter to spring and did so after the first full moon of the spring season (in the northern hemisphere).

Then it became a celebration of the liberation of the Jewish people from the slavery of Egypt.

And today, the Jews commemorate the Easter (Easter) as one of their main festivals in which we remember the step that the Jewish people took with them across the Red Sea.

They celebrate a family dinner called Séder (order in Spanish) full of symbolism and prayers.

— The Easter Christian —

For Christians, the Easter It is also the most important holiday of the year as it celebrates the passage of Jesus from death to life.

the Easter It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday after having spent three dead days to save his people.

While there is no rigid tradition about food, Christian families usually gather on Sundays and attend mass to remember that Jesus has risen to save the people.

What are they doing Easter Jew with the Christian?
C & # 39; is a historical and religious relationship between Easter Jew and Christian.

Christ died on the first day of the Jewish holiday celebrating the liberation by God of the Jewish people from the slavery of Egypt, explains the Catholic Information Agency of Aciprensa.

"The death of Jesus fulfills the ancient Jewish law concerning the lamb paschal that the Jews eat the night before the 15th of Nisan (the first month of the biblical Jewish calendar, which begins with the commemoration of the departure of the Jews from slavery in Egypt), "he adds.

Christ dies the same day as Easter Jew in which lambs are killed

In both cases there is a sacrifice and a liberation.

How are i Easter Jew of Christians?
The dates of Easter they change every year for Jews and Christians.

Although many years coincide, it is not a strict rule since the festivities are governed by different calendars.

The Jews eat the lamb paschal the eve of 15th of Nisan.

Jesus celebrated the Last Supper during Easter Jewish, that is the 14 of Nisan, died on the cross on the 15th of Nisan and resurrected the following Sunday, that year it was the 17 of Nisan.

But it is very difficult to pass an old party from the Jewish calendar to the Christian one, says Aciprensa.

Jews have a lunar calendar of 354 days and Christians a solar calendar of 365.

The Roman empire was then decreed that the Easter It would be a Sunday because Jesus resurrected that day of the week.

This is why we have chosen to celebrate Easter the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere.

However, it should be noted that not all Christians celebrate the Easter same day The Orthodox, for example, celebrate the Easter on another date because they follow the Julian calendar.

The date to celebrate Easter Both for Christians and Jews vary between the end of March and the end of April each year.

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