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Mobile phones based on the "Android" operating system are the most popular and popular smart devices on the market, of various types, thanks to the ease of use and the variety of applications and software.

This diversity offers a great advantage to the "Android" system, but system users should check the applications on their devices, as the security researchers of some applications have warned, according to "Russia today".

Researchers at ESET, a Slovak company specializing in computer security, have advised users to be alert to 42 dangerous applications, previously available on the Google Play Store, with advertising programs that automatically display announcements, even when the application is closed.

Regarding the names of these applications, ESET announced the names of 21 of them, being concerned that it has its codes hidden under the package name "com.google.xxx" and, fortunately, Google has eliminated these applications from its store after ESET has reported the problem, but on the devices you downloaded from the store, say delete them.

In the following lines, we examine the dangerous applications that must be eliminated immediately:

– Smart Gallery.

– SaveInsta.

– Mini Lite for Facebook.

– Freed Radio FM online.

– Free video downloader.

– Free Social Video Downloader.

– File downloader.

– Reminder to drink water.

– Smart Notes for you.

– DU recorder.

– Classic tank top.

– Heroes Jump.

– Solucionario.

– Ringtone Maker.

– Video downloader.

– Ringtone Maker Pro.

– Basketball perfect shot.

– HikeTop +.

– MP4 video downloader.

– Flat music player.

– Free Top Video Downloader.


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