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A NASA space probe captured an astonishing green scene in the atmosphere of Mars, with a glow that experts described as frightening.

Pictures monitored by the space probe called “MAVEN” show strange flashes of ultraviolet rays occurring inside the atmosphere of Mars, according to what the Russian “Sputnik” website quoted from the “space” website specialized in space sciences.

Experts explained that these scenes, which were taken by the “MAVEN” probe, which launched into space since 2013, are due to a frightening strange pulse of night glow associated with the rotation of the atmosphere of Mars.

Scientists are studying through the NASA “Maven” probe, the atmosphere of the planet Mars and the developments and fluctuations that occur within it for about 7 years, and has succeeded in recording strange and unexpected scenes for the first time of the green atmosphere of the red planet.

The images revealed pulses in the Martian atmosphere occurring exactly 3 times every night during the spring and autumn seasons on the planet, and new observations found the presence of spiral waves over the planet’s winter polar regions.

This brilliant glow appears on Mars as a result of the winds carrying gases to denser regions of the atmosphere, and this movement speeds up the reaction that produces nitric oxide responsible for the glow, which appears only as ultraviolet light.

Researcher and scientist Zach Melby pointed out that “this ultraviolet glow is as bright as the northern lights of the Earth, but unfortunately, the composition of the atmosphere of Mars means that these bright spots do not emit any light in visible wavelengths that would allow future astronauts on Mars to see it.”


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