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The first conference of the initiative was held during the seventh national conference for young people in the new administrative capital, launched by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi since last January, in order to alleviate the burden of citizens in most villages needy in rural areas and in the slums and improve living conditions.

The initiatives are carried out as part of an integration between government agencies, NGOs and civil society organizations in general to provide health care services, including free screening, radiation and referral to medical centers and hospitals for cases that require surgery or corrective procedures. What the initiative has achieved since its inception on the health side.

You need descriptive

A few days after the beginning of the initiative, a girl went daily near the Saad Zaghloul metro station, but the need was descriptive, the old lady lived in the same place on a continuous basis and without the slightest care. The girl started to photograph the old woman and publish her picture on Facebook. And spread its publication among the pioneers of the site, to surprise the old ambulance in the hospital to provide integrated health services, since he suffered from cold and serious illnesses in addition to the disease and the image of the descriptive need entitled "his situation is very difficult, God if you know the charity has issued a picture ".

The first medical convoy of your eyes in our eyes

The last Friday in June, the first medical caravans in the village of Khartoum in the Badr Center, which was launched by the Council of Ministers, the presidential initiative "A decent life" to detect eye diseases, is the second medical convoy at the level of the Republic inside the convoys of the presidential initiative "a decent life", after the convoy of the village of Shahama Edfu Center, the Governorate of Aswan.

109 medical convoys to serve over 125 thousand citizens free of charge

In June, Health Minister Dr. Hala Zayed announced that during the month of May, 109 free medical services were provided to 125,767 citizens on the initiative of Hayat Karima, with the participation of 1039 clinics, noting that 18,346 Blood and parasites and radiation , and held 28,000 and 307 health education seminars to raise public awareness of citizens' health, stressing that it was converted into 1990 cases in hospitals for surgical interventions and medical committee decisions for care at the expense of the state and of health insurance.

157 thousand beneficiaries in April

On May 1, the Ministry of Health published a report on cases of "dignified life" last April, in which the medical examination and treatment were provided free of charge to 157 thousand and 110 citizens through 110 medical convoys, with participation of 1033 clinics, noting that 23,983 blood and parasite and radiation tests were conducted, and held 36 thousand and 649 health education seminars to raise public health awareness and that 2590 cases were transferred to hospitals for surgery and commission decisions medical treatment at the expense of the state and health insurance.

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