Homecoming Participants Wear ‘Anies President’ T-shirts, Gerindra Takes Bang Napi’s Quote


The ‘Anies President of Indonesia’ T-shirt worn by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s free homecoming participants was heavily highlighted. Gerindra DKI Jakarta said the Governor Anies Baswedan it should be wiser to remind his staff about issues that will cause public reaction.

Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta DPRD from the Gerindra faction, Rani Mauliani, believes that the DKI Provincial Government should provide a clear clarification regarding the existence of the ‘Anies President of Indonesia’ T-shirt.

“In my opinion, there should be a clarification or explanation from the provincial government regarding the circulating issues, yes, it is better for things like this campaign to be able to place the moment more wisely because it is very sensitive,” Rani told reporters, Saturday (4/30/2022).

The chairman of the Gerindra faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD considers that it should be Anies Baswedan remind his staff to be wiser in their behavior. Mainly, he said, in taking actions that have the potential to cause a strong reaction from many parties.

“Even if it wasn’t Mr. Gub who was the culprit, Mr. Gub must remind his staff to be wiser in deciding actions that are very risky to provoke a strong reaction from many parties,” he explained.

According to Rani, if there are T-shirts distributed by the DKI Provincial Government regarding the homecoming, it should display an image showing the regional work units (SKPD) involved in the free homecoming program.

“Yes, if you want t-shirts to be distributed, because this is a program from the provincial government, try it, so that the pictures are busy with the ranks of the SKPD involved in their activities, definitely not making comments that make noise,” said Rani.

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Rani then alludes to the actions of people in the neighborhood Anies Baswedan which made Anies the subject of discussion. Rani then talked about the possible loopholes that Anies gave to those around him.

“Sometimes people around make the ‘owner’ the subject of discussion, maybe the owner doesn’t know but they don’t necessarily have the courage to do that if the ‘owner’ doesn’t give a loophole anyway. because of the intention of the perpetrator but also because of the opportunity’,” he said.

Check out the Jakarta Deputy Governor’s response to the ‘Anies President’ shirt on the next page.

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