Honam University student Park Ji-hyun, Mr. Trot 2 ‘Sun’

Park Ji-hyun from Honam University. Photo = Provided by Honam University.

Park Ji-hyeon (28), a senior in the Department of Chinese at Honam University, announced the birth of a new hero in the K-Trot world by placing second in the final of TV Chosun’s ‘Mr.

According to Honam University on the 19th, Park Ji-hyun sang Na Hoon-ah’s ‘Weed’ in the final round of the TV Chosun ‘Mr. 2nd place in points.

Park Ji-hyun, who participated in ‘Mr. Trot 2’ as a college student, recorded all hearts in the shortest time during the master trial, climbed to the preliminaries, and received attention as a promising winner with a cool voice, excellent visuals, and stage manners. Through the contest that lasted for about 3 months, enchanting stages were presented in every round such as ‘Geomungo’, ‘Bring on the Blinker’, ‘Daejeon Blues’, ‘Ugly Guy’, ‘You Can’t Leave’, and ‘I Love You’. The show was loved by many viewers.

Jihyun Park, whose hometown is Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, is currently attending Honam University’s Chinese Department in her senior year. With a tall height of 183 cm, cool vocalization, and even high-level dance skills, she emerged as a beauty in all directions in the trot world with the nickname ‘live fish voice’.

In particular, Park Ji-hyun, in this ‘Mr. Trot 2’, competed with singers with more than 10 years of debut, such as Jin (1st place) Ahn Seong-hoon and Mi (2nd place) Jin Hae-seong, etc. emerged as

Mr. Park said through the broadcast of ‘Mr. Trot 2’, “I wanted to be a proud son to my parents who are still struggling for myself, who has been working in seafood handling and distribution since high school, and came to Seoul because I wanted to sing.”

‘Mr. Trot 2-The Beginning of a New Legend’ finals were based on a master score of 1300 points, 100 points per person, 700 points of online support voting starting immediately after the broadcast on January 5, 1500 points of real-time text voting, and a total of 3500 points. .

As a result, 1st place Ahn Seong-hoon (3488 points), 2nd place Park Ji-hyun (2928.81 points), 3rd place Jin Hae-seong (2777.72 points), 4th place Na Sang-do (2686.47 points), 5th place Choi Su-ho (2445.05 points), 6th place Jin-wook (2359.85 points) ), and Park Seong-on (2305.15) ranked 7th.

Reporter Park Hyun-ah [email protected]

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