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Yes, all bicycles have several special functions – cyclists are always in fresh air, they avoid traffic jams, they usually overtake not only public transport, but also cars in the city. Honbike has it all too. And that’s really not all.

First you need to try the ride itself. The model and design of the bike is designed so that the seat is relatively upright. More precisely, classic, when all body weight is evenly distributed on the steering wheel, seat and pedals. Plus, this model is not too small for a person with a height of 190 cm. And for a person 160 cm tall, it is not too big. It’s not a solution for long trips, although a single charge will last you almost 100 kilometers with electric kick and assistance.

15min photo/”Honbike” electric bicycle

It is a very good feeling to ride such a bike through the streets of Vilnius. The feeling of lightness comes not only because of the assistance of the electric motor on hills. What’s instantly impressive is that the bike uses Gates’ ultra-strong carbon fiber belt instead of a chain. Not steel stars, not metal joints, but a modern, light, strong and absolutely silent solution of science and design.

The carbon fiber and titanium parts definitely lighten the entire bike. It is one of the lightest in its category and weighs 20.2 kilograms. There are a number of much heavier electric bikes. If you don’t have to carry it by hand to the seventh floor, then it’s really not a minus. You don’t feel weight at all when driving and maneuvering. By the way, there is no difficulty visually either – this is probably due to the sleek minimalist design and rounding. Also due to the battery installed in the frame tube and so skillfully hidden.

15min photo/”Honbike” electric bicycle

The carbon fiber belt has another plus – it does not need to be lubricated. This means that there is virtually no chance of getting the light pants dirty, and the grease won’t collect dust, which usually significantly damages and shortens the life of traditional chains and sprockets over a long period of time.

We can safely say that many of us would happily use the Honbike for daily rides around the city. This electric bicycle will undoubtedly completely change public transport for us throughout the warm season.

15min photo/”Honbike” electric bicycle

It should be noted here that the manufacturer promises 10,000 for the aforementioned Gates Carbon Belt Drive. kilometers without worries and failures. After that, a minor technical service is likely, replacing a few of the most heavily loaded parts and… the same again. After all, it’s almost an eternity for a bicycle!

It is worth trying not only the wheels, but also the app, which features the registration of the bike to your profile. You can simply lock it with your phone and the motor will not work. It is not only a preventive measure against theft. You can also monitor the state of the bike’s battery and the distance traveled in the app. Informative maps, of course. It is convenient to switch the bike to Eco, City, Sport modes. The lithium-ion battery can be charged in 4-4.5 hours. The LCD screen integrated in the handle shows the most important readings.

15min photo/”Honbike” electric bicycle

Fact – it may not be a touring bike for hiking across the continent, but it can go very far. The large wheels are designed for really good passing, absorb road bumps pleasantly, and the titanium construction will withstand huge loads. This bike isn’t afraid to get wet and has damn good disc brakes. It’s definitely built for durability and versatile style.

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