Honda Brio in Aceh Penetrated by Road Barrier, 1 Killed

BIG ACEH, – Accident death occurs in the region Aceh Besar, Aceh Province. Car Honda Brio hit the road divider until the iron penetrated the body of the car, resulting in the death of one passenger.

A member of the Leupung Police, Brigadier Bahauddin said the accident occurred on Sunday (11/21/2021) on the Kilometer 28 Provincial Cross Road, Layeun area, Leupung District, Aceh Besar District.

“One passenger died, ladies and gentlemen,” said Bahauddin, Monday (11/22/2021).

He added that the car was carrying one family, with three passengers including the driver.

“The driver and his son are safe, the driver’s wife has died at the scene,” he said.

It is suspected that the accident occurred because the driver was sleepy.

“It is suspected that this accident occurred because the driver was thought to be sleepy,” he said.

But for certainty, he said, his party was still waiting for the results of the investigation from the Traffic Police Unit of the Aceh Besar Police.

Editor : Nur Ichsan Yuniarto

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