Honda Expelled from the Top Five! This is the List of Best Selling Car Brands September 2021


Car sales in the country’s industry continue to show a positive trend. Total sales have reached more than half a million units in line with the enactment of the PPnBM (Sales Tax on Luxury Goods) discount.

Data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) stated that wholesale car sales (from factories to dealers) in September 2021 rose 1.0% compared to the previous month. However, car sales in retail sales (distribution from dealers to consumers) decreased, minus 4.2%.

In September 2021, retail car sales reached 75,819 units, down from 75,819 units in the previous month. Meanwhile, wholesale car sales were recorded at 84,113 units, up from 794 units in the previous month.

However, this figure shows a positive trend. Car sales in September 2021 were close to normal. From Gaikindo’s data, car sales in normal conditions before the COVID-19 pandemic averaged 80-90 thousand per month.

Brands experiencing declining sales

Several automotive brands experienced a decline in sales compared to the previous month. The biggest is Honda, wholesales fell 52.9 percent or minus 3,884 from August 2021.

Other brands include Mitsubishi Motors (-21.1%), Suzuki (-25%), Hino (-5.3%), BMW (-1.0%), Mazda (-15%), and Audi ( -20%). One of the effects of this decline in sales is the crisis of semiconductor chip components, which hampers factory production.

Over half a million cars sold during 2021

However, the fall in production in September 2021 is not as severe as in 2020. Year to date until September 2021, more than half a million units of new cars have been sold in Indonesia. This figure is much better than 2020, which was a ‘dark year’ for the automotive industry due to COVID-19.

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In retail, car sales during January-September 2021 reached 600,344 units. This figure is up 47.4% compared to the same period the previous year which was only 407,390 units.

Meanwhile, on a wholesale basis, car sales in the first 9 months of 2021 were recorded at 627,537 units. This gain was up 68.7% compared to the same period in 2020 which was only 372,048 units.

Best selling brand

As of September 2021, Toyota is still the best-selling automotive brand in Indonesia. At least more than 30% of the Indonesian automotive market is controlled by Toyota. Then followed by Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Honda and so on.

The following is sales data for the 10 best-selling car brands in September 2021 in Indonesia based on retail sales (sales from dealers to consumers):

1. Toyota: 26.454 unit
2. Daihatsu: 14,187 units
3. Mitsubishi Motors: 8.930 unit
4. Suzuki: 7.355 unit
5. Mitsubishi Fuso: 3,390 units
6. Honda: 3,362 units
7. Isuzu: 2.474 unit
8. Wuling: 2.318 unit
9. Hino: 1.711 unit
10. Mazda: 385 units.

While below is the list of the best-selling car brands for September 2021 based on wholesales sales (from factory to dealer):

1. Toyota: 34.046 unit
2. Daihatsu: 17,529 units
3. Mitsubishi Motors: 8.233 unit
4. Suzuki: 7.515 unit
5. Mitsubishi Fuso: 3,967 units
6. Honda: 3,453 units
7. Isuzu: 2.648 unit
8. Wuling: 2.300 unit
9. Hino: 1.795 unit
10. Mazda: 315 units.

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