Honey-Mixed Coffee Claimed to be Healthier, Here are 5 Benefits


It is undeniable that coffee is the most popular drink in the world. There are many ways to enjoy coffee, one of which is mixed with honey which is claimed to be healthier.

There are more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed every year. This figure proves that coffee is very popular with many people. Not only as a drink, now coffee is also used as a mixture in cakes, various desserts and snacks.

There are more and more variants of processed coffee and are becoming a trend in coffee enthusiasts. Coffee is often given a mixture of spices or other ingredients that add flavor and bring a new sensation when enjoyed.

Reporting from Roasty Coffee (26/9) coffee mixed with honey has also become one of the popular preparations. Honey that is used as a mixture in coffee not only makes it taste sweet but also has a healthy effect.

Here are some facts and benefits of coffee mixed with honey:

1. Coffee mixed with honey is higher in calories

Original coffee or black coffee has long been known to have health benefits. The caffeine content in black coffee is able to make people more focused, the body is more stamina and if consumed regularly will provide benefits for heart health.

But some people can’t drink black coffee because the taste is too strong. The solution is to add a sweetener like sugar. But nowadays many are switching from sugar to honey because it is claimed to be healthier.

Surely making something sweeter comes at a price, right? Adding honey to coffee will increase the calorie count. But don’t worry, because there are many health benefits contained in honey. As long as it is consumed according to the portion and not excessive, then this coffee mixed with honey will be a healthy drink.

Honey-Mixed Coffee Claimed to be Healthier, Here are 5 Benefits Photo: iStock

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