Hong Hyun-hee and Jay Written became the building owners of Seoul

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Hong Hyun-hee and Jay Written became the building owners of Seoul

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Hong Hyun-hee, the couple who wrote J. Photo = Hong Bitter TV’s YouTube capture.

[아시아경제 김봉주 기자] There was news that the couple of Jay Written and Hong Hyun-hee became the building owners.

Interior designer and broadcaster Jay Written appeared on SBS Power FM’s’Dousi Escape Cult To Show’, which aired on the 5th.

Jay Written and Hong Hyun-hee recently announced that they purchased an old building in Seoul in the TV Chosun entertainment show’The Taste of a Wife’.

Jay Bitter said, “It’s an old building for a building,” and said, “Hyunhee Hong and I bought it to use it as a studio and a coffee shop.”

Regarding the opportunity to buy the building, he said, “I didn’t buy it for market gains,” and said, “I have a barista license. I thought it would be good to give interior consultation when there was no broadcasting or interior work.”

He confessed, “I have a half and half stake with Hong Hyeon-hee,” and “I used a lot of banks. It is 3:3:4, but the bank is 4”.

Jay wrote about Hong Hyun-hee, saying, “It’s a style that’let me shoot’ and scratches coolly.”

He said, “Looking at his mobile phone these days, Hong Hyun-hee keeps looking at his cell phone, but his expression is not very good.”

Reporter Kim Bong-ju patriotbong@asiae.co.kr


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