Hong Kong activist in Berlin: Wong wants to know


DHong Kong human rights activist Joshua Wong has called Hong Kong's free elections “the ultimate goal” of the protest movement he co-initiated. While Wong called on the federal government on Wednesday to support the protests in Hong Kong more strongly and to consider sanctions against Chinese politicians and a stop of supplies of protective equipment to the riot police in Hong Kong, the Chinese ambassador in Berlin Wu Ken was “deeply dissatisfied” with that German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had an encounter with Wong in Berlin.

Johannes Leithäuser

The Chinese ambassador said that this “incident” would have “very negative effects on bilateral relations”. Shortly after the successful visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel to Beijing, this incident “totally destroyed our working rhythm”; he will have “negative effects on bilateral relations”. The Chinese side has repeatedly made it clear that Hong Kong's affairs “belong to Chinese domestic politics”.

Wong renewed in Berlin the attitude of the protest movement, after which it is not enough to withdraw the extradition law, which had provided three months ago, the occasion for the beginning of the protests. The demonstrators demanded an independent investigation into the massive police violence against them; that was the only way to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a police state. Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam's announcement to cut the law, which provided for extradition of Hong Kong citizens to central Chinese authorities, was “a success, but not yet a victory,” Wong said. The current political crisis must be resolved through political reforms, such as electoral reform, which would allow Hong Kong citizens to elect their representatives without the influence of central China.

Wong, who also plans to travel to Washington next week, called for international solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters. The federal government should ensure that the Hong Kong riot police are no longer supplied with German equipment, such as water cannons.

The Chinese ambassador in Berlin speculated that Wong may have traveled to Germany to mobilize foreign support. There was “ample evidence” that the protests were also fueled by foreign aid. The protest movement in Hong Kong needs “foreign aid to further fuel the chaos,” he said. In recent days, the situation in Hong Kong has stabilized relatively; it gave the impression “that the local government can do their job”. However, if the situation escalates further and the local government in Hong Kong gets out of hand, then “the central government will not stand by,” said Wu Ken. Rather, there will be intervention “to calm the situation” and promote the development of Hong Kong.

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