Hong Kong pro-democracy protester shot by police on Facebook Live


In Hong Kong police officer shot at masked protesters on Monday mornings, hitting one in the torso, as anger sparked by the recent death of a student in the rush hour commute and wreaked fresh chaos.

The shooting, which was broadcasted on Facebook, is the latest escalation in the five months of pro-democracy protests that have engulfed the international financial hub and beat its reputation.

Footage shown to police officer drawing his side-arm in the district of Sai Wan I was trying to detain a masked person at a junction that had been blocked by protesters.

"Another unarmed masked individual approach to the left side."

Seconds later, two more rounds were fired as the scuffled officer with another masked protester who fell to the ground. Both were detained by officers.

Hong Kong police said they were fired and that one person was struck. The body of blood could be seen near the first individual whose body appeared to be running late.

The second man was conscious, shouting his name to reporters as he was handcuffed.

Hospital authorities said three people were admitted from the incident, one with a gunshot wound.


Hong Kong has been up-ended by 24 consecutive weeks of huge and violent protests, but Beijing has refused to give movement to the police.

Tensions have soared following the death on Friday of 22-year-old student who succumbed to injuries

The city has seen four days of violent protests since Alex Chow's death, as well as tens of thousands attending peaceful mass vigils.

Using online messaging forums, activists had called for a general strike on Monday morning.

Flashmob protests sprung up in multiple districts during the commuter period, with small groups of masked protesters targeting subway stations and building barricades on road junctions.

Even before the shooting in Sai Wan Ho, tear gas had been fired in at least two other locations.

One video circulated by protesters on messaging channels from Kwai Fong district showed police officers trying to drive his motorbike multiple times into protesters who had gathered on a road.

Police also fired tear gas as they clashed on a university campus with protesters who had built barricades and were throwing projectiles from behind a shield wall of umbrellas.


Monday's shooting is the third time protesters have been shot with live rounds by police. The two previous instances last month came as protesters attacked police officers. The victims, both teenagers, survived their wounds.

With the political solution to the table, the officers have left to fight violent protests and become loathed by large chunks of the deeply polarized population.

Immediately after Monday's shooting, crowds of locals gathered to hurl insults to officers who responded with pepper spray and multiple arrests were made.

Police also fired multiple rounds of domestic gas and then retreated, ceding the junction once more.

Police have defeated their throwing bricks and petrol bombs as well as vandalizing pro-China businesses and beating opponents.

Public Complaints, with Public Anger Fueled by Weekly videos of controversial police tactics and aggressive interactions with locals.

In one incident which sparked uproar, a police officer on Friday evening shouting at protesters who was "opening a bottle of champagne" after the death of the student.

The force said the officer was later reprimanded for his language. Both Beijing and Hong Kong's unelected leaders Carrie Lam is a independent inquiry, saying the city 's current police watchdog is up to the task.

But last week, in an embarrassing setback, an international panel of experts appointed by the watchdog.

The watchdog is two to release a report in early 2020 and a statement on Monday said the panel is to have been published on Twitter by one of its members.



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