Hong Kong: satellite images show Chinese troops at the border


thereFaced with protests in Hong Kong, US President Donald Trump pointed out that China is currently mobilizing troops on the border with the metropolis. He was informed by US intelligence, wrote Trump on Twitter. "All parties should remain calm and provide security," continued Trump.

Shortly before, Trump told reporters about the tense situation: "I hope nobody gets hurt. I hope nobody is killed."

The satellite image shows the Chinese military equipment in a stadium in Shenzhen, southern China, on the border with Hong Kong

The satellite image shows the Chinese military equipment in a stadium in Shenzhen, southern China, on the border with Hong Kong

Source: AP

Several media recently reported a growing presence of Chinese military on the border with Hong Kong. Earlier in the week, state-run media also leaked videos of paramilitary armored vehicles gathered on the border in Shenzhen. It was an exercise, he said.

For more than two months now, Hong Kong has been experiencing massive anti-government protests that regularly end in riots. It was activated by a government bill to facilitate the extradition of alleged criminals in China. The protests developed into a wider movement.

According to the United States, the Chinese government has refused to allow two American warships to remain in the port of Hong Kong. The Beijing government had rejected these requests, according to the US State Department. The "USS Green Bay" landing craft should have made a stopover in Hong Kong on Saturday, the "USS Lake Erie" cruiser is expected to arrive there next month.

On Tuesday morning, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with China's highest foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, in New York. The US State Department declared – very close – that the two had "a broad exchange of views" on relations between the United States and China.

Federal Foreign Minister Maas expresses concern

The relationship between the two countries is currently strongly influenced by bitter commercial disputes. Also in connection with the protests of thousands of government critics in Hong Kong, there had been the latest dispute between the two parties. The background was the meeting of an American diplomat with activists in Hong Kong, who criticized China as inappropriate interference.

The former British Crown colony of Hong Kong was autonomously governed as a separate territory by its return to China in 1997. Unlike the people of the Communist People's Republic, the people of Hong Kong enjoy the right to freedom of expression, to the freedom of the press and meeting. Many now see these rights at risk.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) also expressed concern. "Things are growing more and more. Therefore, you can only appeal to all parties to recover," he said during a visit to New York. "However, it will remain important to us that the right to freedom of expression is not compromised."

Amphibious vehicles disembark in the United States Green Bay offshore. The transport ship should stop in Hong Kong on Saturday

Amphibious vehicles disembark in the United States Green Bay offshore. The transport ship should stop in Hong Kong on Saturday


Protests by anti-government protesters continued to focus on Hong Kong airport on Tuesday. Hundreds of flights have been canceled or postponed. The police briefly used pepper spray against protesters.

DThe airport received a restraining order against protesters following a statement on Wednesday. This is intended to "prevent people from obstructing or interfering intentionally and illegally with the proper use of the airport," they said. It has also prohibited the participation in demonstrations or demonstrations on the ground of the airport.

Rescuers brought a wounded continental Chinese to the airport

Rescuers brought a wounded continental Chinese to the airport

Source: AP / Vincent Yu

After two days of protests and violent clashes with the police, pro-government protesters recently withdrew from Hong Kong airport. Wednesday morning, most of the protesters had left the airport and many flights started as planned

At the Hong Kong airport, chaotic scenes between police and protesters took place late Tuesday evening. Riot police stormed the blocked airport, using sticks and pepper spray. The occupants have barricaded the entrances to the airport terminal with luggage cars. Rescue teams eventually brought a Chinese wounded from the mainland out of the airport. The angry protesters accused him of being a hidden investigator.

Tensions between democratic protesters and police have steadily increased in recent weeks. The protesters accuse the officials of police violence. Furthermore, they are worried that police officers may infiltrate their movement. Police admitted using secret investigators in some missions.

The shots showed the man lying huddled on the floor of the airport, surrounded by protesters. His hands were tied with cable ties. Some protesters tried to kick him and beat him, while others held the crowd. He was detained, protesters said, because he was wearing a print jacket and said he was a journalist, but among his things a Chinese identity card was found.

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Demonstrators at Hong Kong airport

With the same suspicion, the occupants of the airport had also arrested another man. They found him a blue shirt, worn by Beijing supporters. They said he shows he is an agent.

The situation ended when the rescuers were admitted and took the injured person on a stretcher. So the situation calmed down early Wednesday morning (local time). Most of the protesters and police left the airport, where hundreds of flights failed Tuesday, like Monday.

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