‘Hong Kong wife’ Kang Su-jeong, son’s birthday is luxurious… Boat Party + Sea Pool

‘Hong Kong wife’ Kang Su-jeong, son’s birthday is luxurious… Boat Party + Sea Pool

2022-09-27 06:09:03


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Kang Su-jeong, a former announcer and broadcaster

shared daily life.

On September 26, Kang Su-jeong posted pictures of her daily life in Hong Kong on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Son’s birthday boat party.”

In the photo, Kang Su-jeong and children having a leisurely time on the boat and enjoying water play in the swimming pool above the sea are included.

Kang Su-jeong wrote, “Warrae was supposed to be done without me a month ago, but it was delayed by a month due to the schedule change, so I attended too! My son really enjoyed it with classmates like his son, so he put up with the seasickness that came in the second half.”

He also shared his recent situation by saying, “I was getting motion sick after drinking coffee, so I don’t have anything to say haha ​​I was scared because all the group photos were covered with stickers, so I only took pictures of the mothers.”

Meanwhile, Kang Su-jeong married her husband who works for a Hong Kong financial company in 2008, and they have a son. She lives in Repulse Bay, one of Hong Kong’s most prosperous neighborhoods. (Photo=Kang Su-jeong’s Instagram)

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