Hong Kong’s Religion and Percentage


A woman visits Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. Photo/REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

HONG KONG – Most Hong Kong residents of Chinese descent practice Chinese folk religion which may include Confucian and Taoist doctrines and ritual traditions, or Buddhism.

Launching Britannica in 2016 data, 54.5% of Hong Kong residents are not religious or otherwise, in their religious survey.

The religions adopted by Hong Kong residents are Buddhism, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Muslims. Here’s the complete list.

1. Buddha (27,9%)

Buddhism is one of the dominant religions in Hong Kong. There are about one million followers of Buddhism.

The adherents of this religion respect Kwun Yum who is the Goddess of Mercy. There are also hundreds of Buddhist organizations in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Buddhist Association was founded in 1945, which is the largest organization in Hong Kong.

In addition to spreading the teachings and culture of dharma, this association also provides charitable services and social welfare to the community.

2. Protestant (6.7%)

The Protestant presence in Hong Kong dates back to 1841. About 480,000 Protestants live in Hong Kong.

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