Hong Xiuzhu’s beauty has become the “best plastic model”. The old photos of lying in bed without makeup are exposed: I want to support the “column” | Entertainment | CTWANT

South Korean amateur model Hong Xiuzhu (also translated as Hong Xiuzhu), because of the exquisite features and beautiful features, is recognized by many netizens. She beat a bunch of online female celebrities and also earned her the reputation of “Best Plastic Model”. Recently, Hong Xiuzhu attended the press conference of the new drama “Be;twin”. Netizens were shocked by the heavens, and some people pulled out her previous photos of the home without makeup. Her appearance was as beautiful and moving. “, “I want to tap the pillar.”

Hong Xiuzhu’s previous beautiful photos were also dug up one by one. (Photo/Retrieved from hongsuzu IG)

Before Hong Xiuzhu entered the entertainment industry, she was a model for online shooting, but because of her exquisite facial features and a good figure with slenderness, she is not only the heroine of many idol groups’ MVs, but also the TV series “Love in the Metropolis”. “I have made a guest appearance in “, and the popularity of the Internet is not low. At present, the number of IG fans is almost surpassing one million. Now she has chosen to star in the TV series “Be; twin”, and her acting career is highly anticipated and concerned.

Recently, Hong Xiuzhu was exposed at the press conference of the new play, which immediately attracted the attention of fans. Some netizens went to find out her post in July this year. At that time, she showed her bare face. cute”.

South Korea’s Hong Xiuzhu’s beautiful appearance, after sharing PTT, many Taiwanese netizens mistakenly thought it was a politician Hong Xiuzhu, and later discovered that it was a South Korean actress Hong Xiuzhu, they all said: “Sister Zhuzhu~ is in love”, “I thought it was the Xiuzhu, but I didn’t expect it to be this Xiuzhu” and “Telepost”.


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