Honkai: Star Rail prepares before entering the fantasy world to save the universe !!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 6:40 p.m. 25 p.m., Indochina time.

Fans of Honkai and Genshin Impact games, or fans of HoYoverse games, will be excited for Honkai Star Rail, a turn-based RPG with a fantasy theme that takes us on an adventure. Cross the stars to save the universe after traveling on the Astral Express.

Honkai Star Rail is a brand new game from the universe of the Honkai game series. We will meet many characters from Honkai games in this game. Including all the new characters that HoYoverse made especially for Honkai Star Rail, and now the game has opened for pre-registration since the beginning of the year (Feb. 10). If you have applied for pre-registration for Honkai Star Rail, you can click this link to go to the official website of the game and register and prepare to board the train

After HoYoverse opened for application for Honkai Star Rail game, pre-registration for almost 2 months, now (March 28th), the number of pre-registrations has reached the “landslide” stage because there are gamers all over the world. Pre-registration for Honkai Star Rail has reached 8,480,893 people.

Over 8,000,000 Honkai Star Rail pre-registrations have unlocked the 5,000,000 pre-registered players set by Clam Overseas. Reward of 50,000 credits, 18 Star Rail Passes and a welcome pioneer profile picture with Honkai Star Rail 4 star Serval character.

Following the overwhelming success of pre-registration, HoYoverse today announced an important game release date for Honkai Star Rail. Honkai Star Rail launches on April 26 at will arrive

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