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Only 4 months after the release of Honor 10 Lite, the Chinese brand is already publishing its successor, the Honor 20 Lite. In 4 months, difficult to offer a real improvement. Discover our complete test of a smartphone that is bound by a dangerous exit time …

The Honor 20 Lite

Data sheet


Honor 20 Lite

Operating system version

Android 9.0

Interface Builder

Emotion UI

Screen size

6.2 inches


2340 x 1080 pixels




Kirin 710

RAM memory

4 GB

Internal memory (flash)

128 GB



Camera (backpack)

Sensor 1: 24 MP
2: 8 MP sensor
3: 2 MP sensor

Camera (front)

32 MP


a / b / g / n / ac



Fingerprint sensor


Doors (entrances / exits)





3400 mAh


73.6 x 154.8 x 8 mm


164 grams




€ 299

Product details

A new sensor = a new design?

With Honor 20 Lite, we find ourselves with a design that recalls Honor 10 Lite. It's simple, from the screen to the positioning of the buttons through the notch, everything is exactly the same, only the third photographic sensor on the back differentiates it.

But it is still pleasant in the hand and in the eyes. The dimensions are perfect to keep it without problems for all hands. The materials are pleasant to the touch even if the back of the glass is sometimes cheap, when you touch it, in some places you feel a sensation of emptiness as if something were missing in the phone.

Besides that, it is very pretty and the reflection game installed as one of the hallmarks of Honor's design is still successful. Pay attention, however, to the fingerprints that will be your worst enemy on this device, unless you use it with gloves.

At the top left we have the triple photo sensor, which is the only difference with the Honor 10 Lite. The sensors are gathered in the same "compartment" unlike the little brother. Finally, in the center of the smartphone, there is the fingerprint detector that works very fast. It has become the preferred way to unlock it during this test compared to facial recognition which works quite well in a bright environment, but, requires 2D, remains quite shaky in terms of security and almost unusable in black.

At the front, we have a screen with a fairly small notch that is easily forgotten. Its edges are quite impressive, especially on the chin, compared to other smartphones on the market, but they are not at all. Small apartment in the front, the notification LED has disappeared. She was also decent in Honor 10 Lite, she had at least the merit of being there!

The volume and startup buttons are located on the right side of the smartphone, they are easily reachable for both left and left handed people and they click well enough even if you have the impression that, in the long term, they could start to lose quality.

Finally there is the presence of a jack and a micro-USB post. It is a bit of a port that now makes USB-C the universal plug for mobile devices.

A screen that leaves you hungry

At first glance, the 6.2-inch Full HD + screen is of good quality. From the beginning, however, c & # 39; is a rather impressive presence of the blue color where, with the basic colorimetric configuration, we find ourselves at an average temperature of about 8.700 K according to our probe. Fortunately, this can be set in the smartphone settings and after doing so you will never be disturbed by this screen.

The Honor 20 Lite has a complete tool to set the colors on the screen

The screen has a brightness of 430 cd / m² which makes it easily legible indoors, but the fact that its glass reflects enormously what is in front of it makes its use more complicated in full sun. Its contrast rises to 1332: 1 which allows it to have very nice photos.

To summarize, well set, the screen will be a great point of this smartphone, just pay attention to its readability in the sun!

EMUI, careful bloatware

Warning: A recent US decision prevents Google from offering apps to Huawei and Honor. For now, there is no indication that this smartphone will be updated later to Android 10 Q with Google services. We will update this test as the situation evolves.

So, should you buy a Huawei / Honor smartphone today?

The Honor 20 Lite incorporates the Android 9.0 Pie operating system with the EMUI overlay in the 9.0.1 version, as on Honor 10 Lite. Therefore we do not find the interface of the Magic user interface of Honor View 20, which should however concern all the phones of honor released by the flagship. The brand doesn't even seem to have taken the trouble to change the name of its interface from Honor 10 Lite to Honor 20 Lite.

This part is very similar to that of Honor 10 Lite, I invite you to read the test of this smartphone to learn more about EMUI.

Again, as with any interface, it depends on the appreciation of the user. Performance level, the overlay is performed quite well, it is not too slow and the user experience is pleasant by itself. You can also enjoy the navigation of gestures that this new way of browsing offers as you gain some screen space with the home, return and multitasking buttons.

We also appreciate the possibility to choose how to display the applications on the home screen, with a dedicated drawer or not. The notch is also well integrated into the interface and is in no way disabling. We can also hide it with an option that will blacken a small part of the screen around the notch to make it invisible.

Pay attention though to a little bloatware on your smartphone with several basic apps installed, but that can be easily uninstalled like Facebook or Booking …

A great point compared to Honor 10 Lite, this time the smartphone is compatible with Widevine L1, so it can play HD content protected by DRM like Netflix for example.

Very simple audio

At the speaker level, we are neither disappointed nor impressed. The quality remains very primary and does not offer much. The highs can sometimes hurt when the volume goes up high and the bass looks very sober, but it won't be a drama to use them, they are the bare minimum.

We can also indicate the 3.5mm jack which is not very transcendent in terms of quality, but at least makes an act of presence.

In the picture, I didn't expect anything, but I'm still disappointed

In terms of clichés, the terminal has a triple sensor with 24, 8 and 2 megapixels on the back. The first is a wide-angle sensor, the second a wide-angle, while the second is used to measure depths for vertical mode, for example.

A combo that seems interesting at first sight … but that comes from a smartphone at 300 euros should not expect great art and yet I am still disappointed with the result.

In good brightness, the images of the main sensor are satisfactory, but nothing more. We feel a certain lack of detail in different parts of the image without being extremely disabling.

As soon as the brightness decreases even slightly, you already feel a lot of leaching of the image and a loss of very important details. The ultra wide angle sensor accentuates these problems and offers few details, both in good and poor light.

In these situations, the AI ​​mode does not offer much more, since the images are identical. It is mainly used in outdoor situations where colors can be pushed for example to make the effect more pleasing to the eye. Finally on paper, because the HDR will have helped more for a landscape photo than artificial intelligence.

This Honor 20 Lite also has a 32-megapixel front camera sensor, but again, it's nothing transcendent and we end up with the same problems as its friends positioned in the back.

Finally, the vertical mode is rather random at the front in terms of clipping, the ears and the ends of the hair are blurred, but the back result is quality thanks to the third depth sensor.

Night photos are very disappointing and are the big weakness of this camera. There is a lot of noise and few details and the AI ​​mode turns it into an almost indigestible porridge. A night photo mode, however, makes the picture look better, but anything but perfect.

Video side, the rear camera records video up to 1080p 60fps without optical stabilization, so be careful not to shake too much and avoid filming while walking. The front camera is 1080p at 30 fps. Be careful though, because for our part the video settings have been set to a 720p recording in the front or back.

Rear camera:

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Front camera:

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In itself the results are satisfactory and the videos produced are more than adequate!

In short, many smartphones in this price range are doing better …

Performance in line with its range

In this Honor 20 Lite, we have a Kirin 710 processor and 4 GB of RAM. An identical processor, but with 1 GB of additional RAM!

The performance is exactly the same as Honor 10 Lite, I invite you to read the dedicated part of this test if you want to know more, it will then lead you to the test part of Huawei P Smart 2019 whose performance is exactly similar. Huawei and honor.

The use of the smartphone is fluid, no slowdown should be emphasized, unless you find yourself wanting to push it into these last trenches as in rather greedy games. But just lower the graphics to a medium or low level to enjoy a good gaming experience without problems.

The autonomy is good but not exceptional

With its 3400 mAh battery, the Honor 20 Lite has a good argument to keep all day, and it does it well. With classic use without forcing, the phone will keep the charge for your day. After disconnecting it at 9am, I still had 20% battery at 7pm.

He has many problems if we work without letting him take a breath for a few minutes. Prolonged use is synonymous with significant battery loss. That's why our ViSer endurance test lasted only 8 and a half hours, which is more than half an hour compared to Honor 10 Lite.

For charging, it's pretty fast, but not great. The smartphone has gone from 0 to 100% of the battery in just over 2 hours.

A satisfactory autonomy, but not exceptional in summary.

A smartphone not compatible with all networks

Few problems have to be highlighted in the mobile network, I have never had great difficulty capturing in Paris with Orange. But with a free plan, you may have some problems since the Honor 20 Lite is not compatible with the B28 band (700 MHz), used only by the Xavier Niel operator.

The Wifi problem encountered during the Honor 10 Lite test was not obvious to me. But be careful, by running a network test speed comparison on the same wifi, my Pixel 2 XL proposed results of 278 Mb / s falling and 135 Mb / s in quantity. The Honor 20 Lite had only 37.2 Mb / s down and 21.3 Mb / s up.

An important difference that I have difficulty justifying if not a more modest quality wifi chip since the Honor 20 Lite has connected in frequency to 2.4 GHz against 5 GHz on my Pixel 2 XL.

Price and availability

The Honor 20 Lite is available in two colors: Midnight Black and Ghost Blue (the one we tested) at the recommended starting price of 299 euros. An increase of 70 euros compared to the price of Honor 10 Lite at its release that we can't really justify compared to the few improvements it offers …

Where to buy the Honor 20 Lite at the best price?

Photo gallery

Honor 20 Lite Test The verdict

The design of Honor 20 Lite is very beautiful. It offers good handling and is really nice with the back. We only regret a fairly large chin, a feeling of fairly inexpensive materials on the back and the presence of a Micro-USB.
– 1 point for lack of originality, the design is almost a Honor 10 Lite pasted on the copy without notification led and a different photo sensor.

In low light conditions, this camera is clearly the weak point of the smartphone. To make good shots it will be imperative to be in good condition, because when it is no longer the case or we use the ultra-wide angle sensor, the images can turn into porridge which is better not shared on your favorite social networks. However, it is not possible to ask the moon for a smartphone in this price range.

The Honor 20 Lite display is clearly its strong point in my eyes. After being set to color level, its full HD + definition and contrast make it a very nice screen to look at. However its brightness is not huge and can cause some problems in full sun.

Even Android 9.0 Pie and EMUI are combined in terms of ease of use and optimization. There are very few slowdowns and the customization tools offer a variety of usage options you like. We must also emphasize its compatibility with Widevine L1 which allows it to consume HD content on Netflix, for example. Pay attention to the bloatwares installed on your smartphone.

Kirin 710 coupled with 4 GB of RAM offers good results. It does not offer high performance, but still allows you to feel a slight slowdown in conventional use. Just avoid using too tempting games that could highlight the weaknesses of your smartphone.

The autonomy of this Honor 20 Lite is satisfactory without being exceptional. It will hold the load for a whole day if you don't start using it in length. Leaving it on standby is not a problem at all as it hardly loses its battery during this phase.

The Honor 20 Lite is a good smartphone. It offers a beautiful design with a quality screen. Its performance is in the vein of other devices on the market in this price range that allows it to be an option to consider!
However, you will pay attention to your use of the smartphone in order not to suffer from a problem of autonomy. I also advise you to see if you like the Android approach that offers the EMUI interface because an interface that we don't connect can quickly ruin the experience we can have with a smartphone.
Truly it will go on this smartphone only if the photo is not your priority because otherwise you will be disappointed quickly when the right shooting conditions are not met. At 100 euros more, we recommend saving, if possible, the Pixel 3a which is excellent in the photos or waiting for a price drop.
But what bothers me most about this smartphone is that it is only a Honor 10 Lite to which a third photo sensor has been added, a GB of RAM and 70 euros in the bill. Is it really worth it for this when its almost twin is available today at around 200 euros? The question is worth asking …

  • Positive points

    • A beautiful design
    • A quality screen
    • Smooth navigation and performance for this price range
  • Negative points

    • A disappointing camera in low light conditions
    • Low autonomy in continuous use
    • Honor 10 Lite Bis at 70 euros more
Honor 20 Lite


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