Honor 50 is the best friend of Honor creators

Looking at the various smartphones available in the market today, many of them look very similar in terms of design, performance, and even their target segment. But among these similar phones, there are special cases of phones that focus on a basic category to optimally meet their needs while maintaining an excellent general use experience. The new Honor 50 is the embodiment of the phone dedicated to next-generation visual content makers.

In addition to being an integrated phone with highly competitive specifications and design, the Honor 50 has been designated to be the ideal companion for content creators from Honor (Honor), helping them to shoot, edit and publish video quickly from anywhere in a way that facilitates work and eliminates the need to carry heavy and large photographic equipment to everywhere.

Cameras for video makers

The new Honor (Honor) 50 phone has a 32MP high-resolution front camera, and it also has a 90-degree shooting angle, which makes it a wide-angle camera to help you take better pictures and selfie videos and show more in the video without having to move the phone too far.

On the back side, there is the phone’s primary camera, which has an amazing 108MP resolution, and thus captures ultra-high-resolution photos and can be zoomed in tightly without losing quality. The main camera supports digital zoom up to x10 in photo mode, and up to x6 in video mode.

In addition to the main camera contained in a large circular protrusion, there are 3 other cameras on the back of the phone: an 8MP wide-angle camera and a 112-degree shooting angle, a “Bokeh” camera that allows the effect of a blurred background for 2MP photos and videos, and finally a 2MP macro camera for taking very close photos. Which phone cameras can’t usually capture.

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Distinctively, the Honor 50 phone offers many different shooting modes, but in addition to the usual shooting options, there are 6 special modes for shooting dual video in the phone, and these options include:

  • Switch between shooting with the front or back camera while shooting a video.
  • Dual photography with the front and back camera together with the appearance of what is being filmed side by side.
  • Dual shooting with the main camera and the wide-angle camera together.
  • Putting the picture within a picture, so that what is being filmed from the front camera appears as a floating window on the video taken from the rear camera.
  • Fast and slow shooting.
  • Transition from single video recording to dual video recording.

Distinguished design and brilliant screen

The Honor 50 phone has an eye-catching design, especially the dual-ring camera on the back side. The upper ring houses the main camera with a large lens and HD, while the lower ring houses the other three cameras with LED flash. As for the back glass, it appears very sparkling and shines differently from different viewing angles, and the phone is issued in four distinct colors: frosted crystal, emerald green, midnight black, and the distinctive Honor code.

honor 50 screen

From the front, the phone’s screen occupies the entirety of its interface, with a size of 6.57 inches and a resolution of 1080p. The phone screen displays more than a billion different colors and can display the entire DCI-P3 color spectrum. The screen also works at a frequency of 120 Hz and supports a variable refresh rate as needed. The touch screen also operates at a frequency of 300 Hz to provide instant response and a completely seamless user experience.

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On the edges of the phone, the screen curves up to a 75-degree angle to wrap the edge of the phone in a distinctive way that adds more elegance and distinction to the new Honor 50 design.

Powerful hardware that guarantees you the best performance available

honor 50 body

The new phone comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip, which uses a 6nm architecture and supports fifth generation communications. The phone is also available with options up to 12GB of random access memory and an internal storage space of up to 256GB. This means that the phone has outstanding performance in games and applications with high demands, as it performs the usual tasks very quickly and provides a smooth user experience without disturbances.

In terms of battery, the phone has a relatively large battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh, which means that it holds up for a long time of use and is sufficient for the whole day easily. And when charging is needed, it supports the superior Honor Supercharge technology that allows up to 66 watts of power to be delivered to the phone, which means the phone can be charged up to 70% of the battery in just 20 minutes.

Overall, the Honor 50 appears as an integrated phone with various features that caters to different users, but it also shines in the hands of content makers and is the ideal companion on the road from Honor (Honor) for those who record videos thanks to the high quality of the cameras and software features that enable expanded video shooting capabilities.

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