Honza found an envelope full of money, but their owner could not be found!

Thirty-year-old Honza M. found a white envelope full of money and with the surname Kratochvíl on Wednesday evening on the corner of Prešovská street and the Pětatřicátníků orchards, he writes portal Crime Pilsen.

There was a higher amount inside the envelope, it could be, for example, a payout. Honza did not hide the money found, instead he went around the surrounding shops, stopped at a nearby bank and tried to track down the mysterious Mr. Kratochvíl despite his Facebook profile. Unfortunately, everything was in vain.

That’s why he eventually turned to the guards. Veronika Kuchynková, their spokeswoman, confirmed on Friday that the Pilsen city police had really taken over the envelope.

“Due to the fact that the owner of the money could not be traced, the envelope was handed over today to the IMO (municipal district office) Pilsen 3 – Department of Losses and Findings. The potential owner will certainly know what amount is in the envelope,” added Kuchynková.


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