Horacio Pancheri's reaction after the filtration scandal of his sex video Show International


A few days after the scandal generated by the images in which the Argentine actor Horacio Pancheri is seen masturbating in a room, the artist came forward and calmly responded to the comments after filtering this material.

The gallant soap opera confirmed that he appears in the controversial video. "These are things that happen, you also did what happens that is not leaked, but it can happen to all of us," he replied.

Pancheri, who lives in Mexico, also commented the video would have been recorded five years ago behind. However he said it does not know if any ex-partner has been leaked or if someone has entered your files and propagated them, so you've decided to file a lawsuit against someone responsible.

"I don't know who did it, so who am I going to sue. Who did it, be happy, but if he knew who did it, he would have asked, "he said.

In the end the artist commented that he received the support of his classmates and said he would be more careful with this type of private images.



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