Horizon Zero Dawn for Windows Review – To Windows after three years


Guerrilla Games has delivered an excellent action RPG set in a very nice open game world. With a great protagonist, a good story and good quests, the game is beautiful and entertaining. And the fact that you take on huge mechanical monsters with bow, arrow and spear makes it exciting too. Only the conversion from PS4 to Windows is not so successful. The game is struggling on PC. The frame rate is not constant and there are some bugs. Hopefully Guerrilla will be able to solve this quickly.

Final verdict

For gamers, the good news is that some of those beautiful PlayStation exclusives are suddenly coming to the PC platform. A month ago there was already the PC version of Death Stranding and now you can also play its ‘predecessor’ Horizon Zero Dawn on your PC. ‘Predecessor’? Of course these are two very different games, but they are based on the same technology. Both are made with the engine of the Amsterdam Guerrilla Games, which has since been christened the Decima Engine. The version now out for PC is called the Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, mainly because you get not only the original game, but also expansion The Frozen Wilds. In addition, the game now has New Game + and an Ultra-Hard mode. If you don’t play console games or have an Xbox One, now is the chance to play Horizon Zero Dawn. You pay 50 euros for it, and for an extensive and beautiful game that is a good deal.


Horizon Zero Dawn is the story of Aloy, a young woman who belongs to the Nora tribe, although her relationship with this tribe is somewhat complicated. She is an orphan and had to grow up outside the enclosure of the tribe’s settlement. In fact, tribesmen weren’t even allowed to talk to her. After the first few hours in the game, however, you will become a full member of the tribe, although not everyone is happy with that. It is the prelude to a story in which the search for your own past, but also for the past of the game world, is central.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set far into the future, but seeing Aloy grow up you wouldn’t say that. She learns to hunt rabbits and wild boars with a spear and bow and is dressed in rough cloth and leather cloth. This is due to the fact that a high civilization has been lost, although you will still find many traces of that civilization. The most important of these are the many mechanical beasts that roam the large, completely open game world. They are animals that in many cases look a bit like existing animals. The Strider is a kind of mechanical cow, the Snapmaw is like a crocodile, the Longleg like an ostrich, and the Sawtooth like a big saber-toothed tiger. However, there are also beasts that sprang purely from the developer’s imagination, such as the fast Watchers and the enormous Tallnecks that patrol a certain zone as high as an apartment building.

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