Horoscope of the day for Saturday, November 10th: here's what the stars have in store for you today

March 21st – April 20th
Jupiter meets the moon in the search for truth of your chart and you can expect simple answers.
A learning project that can make a difference to career plans will be a challenge but it's right for you.
If you're ready to start going out together, the new love is your opposite in looks but you think the same way.
21 April – 21 May
You may not have realized what you have learned on the rocky road to love until today, when you gently guide a love story where you want it to go.
Single? When the eyes meet and neither of them looks away, it becomes romantic.
Working with the family may not please you until you see that the skill mix could make it profitable.
From May 22nd to June 21st
Mercury and Venus connect the two centers of love of your chart.
So a partner is strong and seems skeptical about romance, while the other follows their heart – yet the passion is shared.
Single? A lion with atrocious jokes is the only one.
Work can take some free time, but the reaction and the prizes are electrifying.
From 22 June to 22 July
Some might say it's silly to give someone another chance. But for you, it's better than asking if it could work.
Mars introduces a new kind of passion into your life.
You could be the cheerleader for a relative taking part in a charity challenge.
Luck focuses on a ticket waiting to be checked.
23 July – 23 August
Everything about your life will start to feel lighter and brighter thanks to Jupiter who settles in the most fortunate and romantic area of ​​your chart – and will stay there for a year.
Think about what you want to achieve and the prize you want to win the most. But love can be the greatest and the best reward of all.
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24 August – 22 September
New ideas for products that attract people and you can do at home could help you raise money for a personal project that means a lot to you.
A partner reveals plans that mix romance and travel.
Single? A Taurus is going to change all this.
23 September – 23 October
Follow positive thinking with action while Jupiter meets the moon and family relationships are back to their best.
Expecting to do well in a competition helps make it happen.
The new path of Venus through your card means that you may find love when a journey is diverted.
Luck sends a text in two languages.
24 October – 22 November
Your challenge is to be a reasonable and gritty person in a partnership and family.
With the clever Mercury and the lucky Jupiter working well, you could end the weekend with more intensity.
When you think of love, intuition puts an unexpected name in your mind.
It would be an unusual relationship – but it works.
From 23 November to 21 December
While Venus moves through the most sociable part of your chart, you can go with anyone.
Even a meeting with mixed feelings is a success.
The moon solves your emotions and a partnership returns to its best.
Single? It could happen when a friend Aries plays with the matchmaker.
From December 22nd to January 20th
Think about what it means to you, imagine what happens and that the right opportunities open up.
It's nice to feel relaxed together but do not let a partnership become too welcoming.
Single? A magical moon brings you face to face with someone who daydreams. Do not hurry.
21 January – 18 February
There is a difference in opinions between the mind and the emotions as the thinker Mercury fosters shared ideas and trust as a basis for love.
The alternative of Venus is the adventurous passion.
When you see the two candidates socializing, you realize who is right for you.
A project that brings together workmates or musicians is lucky.
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19 February – 20 March
Jupiter, the most positive of the planets, is at the top of your table to light up your ambitions.
You have all the skills you need to become a business magnate or a brilliant entertainer.
Just make sure that a partner knows how much they will always mean to you.
Single? "A" initial identifies a new love.

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