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Sunday 30 December 2018

Written by Rasha Al-Muniri:

We salute the year 2018 with all the happiness and sadness, and we could have a year of love and love and the other separation and pain, but what brings us 2019, this is what Dr. Abeer Fouad he said in his statement to "Masrawi":


If you are married, starting March 6, you will decide the relationship form you want with your partner, either to keep and break the boredom or go away to break the boredom altogether and the divorce occurs. If you are free from the beginning of December to December, the buyer promises you an unexpected emotional encounter.

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If you are married, from 6 March, Uranus is in your turret, pushing you to rebel against routines and habits, giving you a good taste of your relationship with your partner through exciting activities that bring you together.

If you are free, on 6 March, Uranus will give you a sudden love, and even Saturn and Pluto will help you maintain maturity and realism.

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For married couples, the buyer's face gives you a feeling of rebellion and tends to escape restrictions and commitments, which you can overcome if there are feelings of love that connect you to your partner.

If you are empty, the buyer distracts and confuses you, wants to get everything and unfortunately you will not get anything.

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If you are married, there will be criticism and admonitions from the partner, and you will want to leave, so you have to judge things with maturity and flexibility. If you are empty, you will meet someone who earns your heart.

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The lion tower:

If you are married, the "buyer" of the house of love strengthens the bonds and the compatibility between the two partners and will try to make everything happy by your partner.

If you are empty, your emotional life could turn into a better quest this year, through someone who deserves your love.

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If you are married, the presence of Neptune in front of you makes you confused between escaping or staying close to your partner, the result depends on the strength of tolerance and tolerance of the other.

If you are empty, Saturn and Planet Pluto in the house of love make you very rigid in love, but the possibilities are very open in finding that person.

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Weight scale:

If you are married, the marital relationship can be stretched at the beginning of the year, but on 6 March you will discover that your feelings are on the other side and show a willingness to express your feelings without hindrance.

If you are empty looking for someone who is emotionally and intellectually involved, you may meet this person between March and October.

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If you are married, facing Uranus on 6 March, you will be upset, you may want to change, but change does not mean separation, it means designing a new form for your relationship with your partner.

If you are empty in adventures, but you can swing between charm, excitement and frustration, because reality is less than your expectations.

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Torre del Sagittario:

If you are married to the "buyer" in your tower, you are motivated to share the other side, to consolidate the feelings of love that bind you to him, and your goal will be to build a future with him.

If you are free this year, the buyer can take you to a suitable person ready to build a future with them.

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Torre del Capricorno:

If you are married, Saturn and Pluto with your tower encourage you to review your relationship with your partner, and you ask a lot and you may need an expert opinion to better see the picture. However, there is no room for problems with compatible relations, on the contrary, closer.

If you are free, Uranus in your tower promises you an exciting relationship.

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If you are married, the "buyer" helps you overcome the obstacles of life and the priority to keep your partner.

If you are empty, you may meet a suitable person, friendship will become love, and in November you will become more romantic.

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If you are married, you will progress towards the other with more confidence in yourself and insist on applying a real partnership with your partner.

If you are empty, you are looking for a sincere and unconditional love and an emotional encounter can occur in April, July and October.

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