Horrified, Stories of West Java Residents who became Victims of Illegal Loans in Sleman


Residents of West Java, victims of Sleman’s online loan terror, open their voices. This resident with the initials TM told me that at the beginning he was caught in an illegal loan application.

TM said that the incident began in early September 2021. At that time, he received an SMS notification on his cellphone.

“Suddenly it came through SMS. It said that I had a bill. Then there was a link. I clicked it,” said TM when he was met at his attorney’s office, Hawe Law Associate in Antapani, Bandung, Saturday (16/10/2021).

On the link, the name of the TM is listed along with the amount of the bill to be paid in the ‘quick cash’ application. TM received a bill of Rp 1.2 million with a tenor of 7 days. The money did go into his account but the amount did not match the bill. TM only gets a portion or around Rp. 600 thousand.

“I was surprised, because it was me at first. Then I tried to return it. But it didn’t end that easy. Eventually it got worse,” said TM.

The man who works daily as a private employee admitted that he never used the money that suddenly came in. Instead he returned it according to the bill.

Long story short, when the first bill was paid according to its due date, it appeared that more money was added to it than the original amount with the addition of a multiple of Rp. 200 thousand. TM admitted that he was surprised because there was no approval from him in either the first case he experienced or the second case.

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Until finally the money didn’t stop until TM got the last bill of Rp. 2.8 million.

“If it was the principal (debt) that I returned, it should have been fulfilled. However, money has come in again, and the loan continued to increase until the last Rp. 2.8 million,” he said.

TM then received a barrage of terror from debt collectors. Threat after threat is received by TM until the condition drops.

TM and his attorney Heri Wijaya then reported the incident to the West Java Police. The police moved quickly to trace until they succeeded in raiding the loan office located in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Heri Wijaya, TM’s attorney, said his client was a victim. According to him, TM was framed by a blasting SMS that entered his cell phone.

“He was trapped, so there is a way that this illegal company or loan application uses by sending SMS that our client has a debt, our client is confused because he feels he has never had a debt, how come there is a bill, it goes through SMS, it’s natural because he wants to know later. clicked, that’s when he clicked it, the big disaster began, suddenly he had a debt. So it’s like a system was created with them, so when you click on the link in the SMS, the money automatically goes into our client’s account and it becomes debt. ,” said Harry.

In this case, 86 people were arrested. Meanwhile, this afternoon, 79 people were sent home and 7 people underwent intensive examination. Of the seven people, one person with the initials AB was named a suspect.

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