Horrified, this man is infected with a rare venereal disease that doesn’t work with antibiotics

Super gonorrhea causes Austrian men to complain of pain when urinating.

GridHEALTH.id – Changing sex partners is at risk of causing health problems, one of which is sexually transmitted infection (IMS).

An Austrian man diagnosed with the lion king or super gonorrhoea which is rare.

This 50-year-old man was infected after having sex with a commercial sex worker in Cambodia, without using condom.

Generally, people who are infected with this venereal disease will be treated using antibiotics.

However, according to research in the journal Eurosurveillance, N. gonorrhoeae antibiotic resistance since the 1930s.

This means, a person who is infected by the bacteria eventually cannot be treated.

The super strain found in the Austrian man was resistant to ceftriaxone and azithromycin, as well as other commonly used antibiotics.

This rare disease was discovered when the man went to a urologist, five days after he had unsanitary sex.

He complained of pain when urinating and a discharge from the urethra.

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