Horrified train passengers get soaked by huge wave at Dawlish

Train passengers disembarking at the storm hit Dawlish station received a shock when they were soaked by a huge wave.

Exeter and Plymouth bore the brunt of the week with the disruption during Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, March 18, 2011 Wow, the trainers on the platform.

They are not as bad as they are. as the video above and below shows.

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Jessie Woodbridge, who took the video, tweeted: "Train stopped at Dawlish and waves coming in the door as passengers exit!

"Can we have a new southwest rail line?

The much-maligned train line was then left again on Friday as a combination of high-tide and heavy rain.

Exeter and Yeovil.

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After the tracks became submerged in sea water.

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The police were on the scene in Dawlish last night and one officer.

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British Transport Police tweeted a video of Dawlish station two hours before high tide, which happened at around 7pm on Friday.

It showed wind and rain swirling through the station as the storm hit its worst point. He wrote: "Just under 2 hours until high tide" Probably as bad as I've seen it. "


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