Horror! Australia Breaks Covid-19 Record Due to Omicron

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Australia is expected to reach the peak of the Omicron Covid-19 wave as cases approach 100,000 more for the fourth day in a row. This number is estimated to be a new record and will last for the next few weeks.

In fact, Australia was the first country to impose restrictions by banishing Omicron. In addition, Australia is also one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates, so it is considered ready to coexist with Covid-19.

“We’re not through it yet and I think there will still be a large number of diagnosed cases in Australia over the next few weeks,” Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly told a news conference.

To note, more than 1.2 million infections have been recorded this year, compared to 200,000 for 2020 and 2021 combined and Paul said Australia would be at the peak of the omicron wave of cases in the near future, given the state of some states.

Infections have declined over the past three days while an increase in hospitalizations in New South Wales has been hardest hit. Most states are battling record hospitalizations during the Omicron wave, with authorities saying unvaccinated young people make up a “significant number” of admissions in Australia.

“We’re seeing an epidemic of unvaccinated young people, we’re seeing that in intensive care,” Kelly said.

Australia is one of the countries most vaccinated against the Covid-19 vaccine, with more than 92% of people over 16 getting a double dose, and will soon get a booster.

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