“Horror Ranger Detective” + “First Class Trouble” is free for a limited time, and EGS can receive permanent storage | 4Gamers

Epic Games sent out the highly acclaimed flight simulation games “Gamedec” and “First Class Trouble” this week. Just log in to the EGS store to pick up the games and save them permanently in the collection library.

“Ranger Detective” is a point-and-click adventure game launched by Anshar Studios in 2021. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Polish science fiction writer Marcin Przybyłek. In the city of Warsaw with a cyberpunk background, players will play the role of solving various mysterious cases in the virtual world. The private detective “Gamedec”, the plot also revolves around the protagonist as a case-handling adventure. Regardless of whether the player makes a correct judgment, the plot will continue to develop and cannot be reversed, and the themes of the story involve black science fiction and transhumanism.

“First Class Trouble” is a social party game similar to werewolf killing. Players are on the world’s most advanced luxury space cruise ship “Alithea”, and are randomly assigned to ordinary human resident passengers, or “AI bionics” whose programs have been rewritten people”.

The goal of the residents is to shut down the traitorous AI located in the center of Alithea, and collect three key cards to arrive at CAIN. Get rid of all the annoying humans.

Epic Games Store’s free games “Gamedec” and “First Class Trouble” this week are only available until the deadlineDeadline at 00:00 on January 27, Taiwan timewhich can be stored permanently after receipt.

Also, the game that Epic Games will be giving away next week is Epistory – Typing Chronicles.

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