Horror surgeon suspended for branding patients’ livers with own initials | Abroad

Simon Bramhall, 53, used a type of laser beam in 2013 to apply the branding to the donor organs of his patients at a hospital in Birmingham. Bramhall ran into trouble because one of the patients had to go under the knife again, which caused another surgeon to discover the initials about 4 centimeters in size.

Bramhall admitted as early as 2017 what he had done. Then he was fined 10,000 British pounds by the court. “This behavior stems from professional arrogance of such proportions that it becomes criminal behavior,” the prosecutor said at the time, who spoke of abuse of power and breach of trust. However, after a five-month suspension, the surgeon was allowed to return to work.

On Monday, the doctor was removed from the doctor’s register forever by the organization that manages the doctor’s register. Bramhall will therefore never be allowed to work as a doctor again.

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