Hospital La Fe performs three simultaneous two-lung transplants for the first time in Spain

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He La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital of Valencia has undertaken simultaneously, for the first time in Spain, three two-lung transplants of both organs in the same day. After the “success” of the three interventions, the patients present a “favorable” evolution.

It’s about a “historical fact” that, in the words of the head of the Thoracic Surgery service and the Lung Transplant Unit of La Fe, Gabriel Sales“it has been possible thanks, first of all, to the generosity of the donors and their families.”

Dr. Sales has highlighted the work of the hospital’s Transplant Coordination team, in “direct and constant” communication with the National Transplant Organizationsince, being three donors in three different cities in Spain, the complexity “has been greater.”

The head of the Thoracic Surgery service and the Lung Transplant unit of La Fe has also highlighted the “unconditional dedication” of the professionals of anesthesia, pulmonology, surgery, nursing, auxiliary nursing care technicians and orderlies, who participated directly in the lung transplants, as well as the team’s transportation personnel.

In total, the three interventions have mobilized 42 professionals who have worked, in shifts, for more than 12 hours, from five in the afternoon to six in the morning. In addition, they have coordinated with those who were to relieve them the next day to ensure that there was enough personnel to undertake the scheduled surgical activity.

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