Hospitality bound by strict rules: what is allowed and what is not? Five questions and answers

1. Do I have to make a reservation when I go to the pub?

Whether you go to a hotel, restaurant or café, reservations for a table or room are mandatory from 1 June. The only place you don’t have to make a reservation for is a place on the terrace.

The trade association Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) says that it has not yet received any signals that people must make a down payment when booking. With a deposit, catering entrepreneurs get a certain degree of certainty that people actually show up after a reservation.

2. Are catering businesses worried about maintaining a meter and a half?

People who are part of the same household do not have to keep one and a half meters apart. All other guests have to. It is up to entrepreneurs to ensure that everyone adheres to the rules.

KHN is confident about this. “Entrepreneurs will have to communicate the new rules clearly to their guests. The social importance of this is clear. We count on the cooperation of our guests,” says the industry association.

If things do go wrong, catering entrepreneurs can ‘in the most extreme case’ call in the police, says KHN.

3. What about personnel?

The staff is as close as possible to customers, but sometimes they have to. Such as when taking or serving an order, for example.

“If all checks have been done, you can,” says KHN. Guests are asked on entering whether they have or have had any health problems. For example, risk cases are prevented as much as possible.

4. Are there also bars and restaurants that remain closed due to the limited space?

Probably. Some bars are so small that only a handful of people can enter.

According to KHN, every entrepreneur will have to weigh up for himself. “We can imagine that entrepreneurs will fit and measure what the rules mean for their company and then make a choice.”

5. And finally, what about visiting the toilet? Nowhere is keeping a distance of one and a half meters so difficult

In toilets, too, entrepreneurs will have to ensure that adequate hygiene measures are taken. “And that you do your utmost to ensure that guests are kept at a distance of five feet.”

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