Hossam Dagher tells the last hours of the artist Amin Al-Assal before his departure

11:11 p.m

Friday 02 September 2022

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The artist Hossam Dagher narrated the last hours in the life of the artist Amin Al-Assal before his departure from our world.

Dagher wrote, through his Instagram account: “I was surprised while I was abroad by the departure of a dear friend, Amin Al-Assal.

And he continued: “The last dialogue we gathered, we talked a lot about the separation of loved ones, especially mothers, whose life changes after them and does not return as it was before, and I felt in your tired heart at that time your constant longing for your late mother Suhair Hanim .. God have mercy on her and have mercy on you and have mercy on my mother and the dead of all.”

And he added: “Oh, Lord, bless Amin’s heart. He is very tired and rested now.. May God have mercy on you, Amin.”

The artist Amin Al-Assal left our world last Wednesday evening in a hospital after a long struggle with illness, and his body was buried Thursday from the Sayeda Nafisa Mosque after the noon prayer.

Amin Al-Assal is the son of the late artist Suhair Taha Hussein. During his career, he presented small roles and worked as presenting and preparing programs.

Amin Al-Assal also presented a program entitled “Foss Brillant” on YouTube, in which he talked about symbols and artistic statures.

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