Hot-blooded fighter Yuri Lapicus shuts down Eddie Alvarez legend

Hot-blooded fighter Yuri Lapicus shuts off Eddie Alvarez legend

“Yuri Lapicus” a 25-year-old young fighter who emigrated from his native Moldova. Let’s rebuild life in Italy. By accumulating up to 14 consecutive unbeaten records on his career as a mixed martial artist (MMA), he said Pep Chanchai gave an interview to suppress the North American legend, the world champion of two major global organizations “Eddie Alvarez”. To close the legend in this fight

“Now it’s my time. I will prove that I am a worthy person. (With the title of World Champion) and ended his career (Eddy), ”Yuri told video call.

The 37-year-old legend “Eddy Alvarez”, who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, heard of the smoke. And it seems that this battle is not just an exchange in the ring

“If you dare to talk about the end of my career First of all, you have to build your career path, ”Eddy said in an impromptu response.

Even though ONE on TNT I hasn’t started yet, it’s like a war. Having formed, “Legend meets the New Wave” will fight each other to compete for the ladder to the World Championships. And this work may have personal grudges that must be settled

The hot-tempered youngster who likes to close the game quickly is the 14th fight he has set a record without losing No fight has reached the last round. And almost every fight concludes in the first round! He has made amazing results since his debut on Championship Day with the end of the war, “Kru Tong”, Chonnaphat Wiratchai, Thailand’s leading fighter.

This was followed by defeating former ONE Featherweight World Champion “Cobra” Marat Gafurov to his death in just 67 seconds before his latest bout to be defeated by the champions. The young world like “Christian Lee” from the first round.

“Of course, the defeat is painful. But I don’t have time to regret. Right now, I’m focused on the opponent to be ahead of. Edd is not a pig that will easily chew. A master fighter like him will give me enormous challenges. He is a living legend and a lot of fangs. I believe it will be the most intense fight. “

Yuri Lapicus

Facing a legendary opponent at ONE on TNT I, Eddie, is nothing new. And the bigger the breast, the more it seemed, the more challenging his appetite to overcome.

“I’ve been watching Eddy since I was a kid. If I can defeat him It will be one of the most gratifying moments in your career. Here we are talking about one of the best fighters in the MMA industry. He has fought countless great people and is known all over the world. I practiced hard and felt very confident. And I want to belt the ONE World Championship. It’s bad. This is the only way for me to have a second chance at the World Championships. ”

The new wave is so energetic “Yuri”. Well, if you lose, this fight is not as damaged as the bigger Eddy defeat. Because he carries the legendary reputation of two major world champions in North America. And are chasing the third World Championship belt in One Championship, but on the other hand, if “Yuri” is able to defeat “Eddy” successfully. There is definitely a big celebration for this event!

ONE on TNT I will be broadcast live at 07:30 on Thursday, April 8, Thailand time. Which will coincide with the prime time of America It is one of the biggest inauguration of the American market for One Championship. In addition to the slash of “Eddy Alvarez vs Yuri Lapicus” as a second partner of the show There is only one Thai fighter, “Tang Jitmuangnon”, ready to put off the crash in this battle as well. Thai fans can wait for every channel as follows: ONE Super App, ONE Championship YouTube and AIS Play at 07:30 Thursday, April 8, or watch Rerun via AIS Play at 6:00 PM on the same day.

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