Hot! Europe riots again, burns in Brussels

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Protests end in violence again in Europe. This time, in Brussels Belgium, the headquarters of the institutions of the European Union (EU).

Police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse the demonstrations that took place on Sunday (12/5/2021). On the other hand, protesters pelted officers with stones and fireworks.

quote ReutersThe demonstration occurred because of the residents’ rejection of the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the government. Protesters protested a rule that has been in place since October on a ‘vaccine passport’ to access bars and restaurants.

Not only that, the government is also carrying out new measures announced on Friday to curb one of the highest infection rates in Europe. This includes mandatory wearing of masks for most elementary school children and the extension of school holidays.

At first the demonstrations took place regularly, with thousands of people marching peacefully. However, according to media footage present, a group of protesters wearing black headscarves and chanting “liberte” (freedom) started throwing stones at the police.

Objects were also burned by the protesting masses. From a number of photos, it can be seen that the demonstrators burned public facilities such as trash cans, including chairs.

“I can’t afford discrimination of any kind, and now that there’s a vaccine permit that is discriminatory … there’s mandatory vaccination that’s coming our way,” said one protester, Alain Sienaort.

“It’s all discrimination, so we have to fight it. We don’t want a dictatorship.”

Previously, there was a spate of clashes in November. This led to dozens of arrests, injuries among police officers and widespread property damage.

Demonstrations that ended in violence also took place in other European countries regarding the same thing at that time. Including the Netherlands.

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