HOT Lee Jae-won “Thanks to my profit, my grandfather escaped North Korea”

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HOT Lee Jae-won told a surprising story about his family history.

In the ENA entertainment show ‘Hyoja Village 2’, which aired on the 15th, the story of HOT member Lee Jae-won and his father was told.

The father, who was having a meal with Lee Jae-won, confessed, “If I die, I want to live without thinking of my father. It is useless to think of my father in the past.”

Lee Jae-won brought up the story of his grandfather, saying, “My grandfather has not been in South Korea for a while.”

Lee Jae-won’s father said, “I broke up with my father when I was three years old. I thought I was going to the army when the notice of conscription came to the myeon office, but it was from the other side (North Korea).

The father said, “But I got a call. The cost to come here from North Korea is no joke. So I said to my son, ‘I got a call from my grandfather. What should I do?’ added.

In this way, Lee Jae-won’s grandfather was able to escape North Korea with Lee Jae-won’s profits and met his son after 52 years. Later, Jaewon Lee’s grandfather passed away after living in South Korea for another 10 years.

Lee Jae-won’s father confided, “I came to South Korea just because they are blood relatives, but when I met them, there was a gap because I lived in the North.”

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2023-05-16 12:12:11

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