Hot! US Install Body For RI Cs, ‘Attack’ China in LCS

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – United States (USA) ‘install body‘ for ASEAN countries. This is related to the conflict in South China Sea (SCS).

As is known, China claims almost 90% of the territory. This puts the Bamboo Curtain Country in tension with a number of countries from Vietnam, the Philippines to the Republic of Indonesia in North Natuna.

In its latest official document, the US launched a study of how China perpetrated a violation of its claims in the South China Sea. Washington called the claim a violation of international law.

In a release made by the State Department’s Bureau of International Maritime and Environmental Affairs and Scientific Affairs, Beijing said it was not complying with the 1982 United Nations treaty on the law of the sea and other territorial regulations. The US also asked China to stop its activities in the South China Sea.

“The overall effect of these maritime claims is that China is unlawfully claiming sovereignty or some form of exclusive jurisdiction over large parts of the South China Sea,” the release said. AFP, Thursday (13/1/2022).

“These claims severely undermine the rule of law at sea and many of the universally recognized provisions of international law reflected in the United Nations Conventions.”

This research itself is an update from a study conducted in 2014. China previously claimed the LCS with the Nine Dash Line concept or nine dotted lines.

The Nine Dash Line is U-shaped. This dotted line was adopted from a map of China in the 1940s, running from Vietnam down into the waters above Borneo and up into the Philippines.

In fact, China’s claims to islands in the South China Sea have been challenged in international courts by the Philippines. In 2016, a court ruled that China’s claims were unfounded and that the Philippines was the legal owner of the islands.

At the end of 2021, China’s claims in the South China Sea also caused problems with the spirit of Indonesia. China is said to have asked Indonesia to stop oil and gas drilling operations in Natuna, which is located within Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Chinese divers protest letter since last July. quote Nikkei Asia, the protest is believed to be related to oil reserves in the Tuna Block working area (WK), which is off the coast of East Natuna, right on the Indonesia-Vietnam border.

SCS is believed to be an ocean that is rich in natural products, especially oil and gas and fish. According to the CFR, in the South China Sea there is about 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Another source from the American Security Project stated that gas reserves in the South China Sea reached 266 trillion cubic feet. That figure accounts for 60% – 70% of the territory’s total hydrocarbon reserves.

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