Hot Wheels Unleashed – game review, opinion [PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX, NS, PC]

Founded in 1968, Hot Wheelsy immediately gained enormous popularity, thanks to which their owners could develop their series of springs on an unprecedented scale. Today, after more than 50 years, there is no kid who would not know what Hot Wheels are and no kid who would not poison his parents for even a few such cars. Now, fans of this type of models and their collectors will get a game that will make their biggest dreams come true – take part in a real resorak races.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – rozgrywka

The Italian Milestone team has so far been associated primarily with motor races like the RIDE and MotoGP series, which are really decent, although they do not represent anything special – just good games. This time, experienced developers had to face something quite different from what they had done so far and I honestly admit that I had a lot of concerns about it – will the authors of realistic racing games make a real arcade hit?

It turns out, however, that my fears were not justified, because Milestone did almost perfect here and prepared one of the best racing productions of this year! But let’s start from the beginning. The reviewed Hot Wheels Unleashed has been divided by developers into four main segments, within which we can play with iconic cars. First of all, the career mode called City Rumble – this is where you will unlock your first vehicles, learn about the mechanics of the game and its simple story.

The plot is known, no one has made any effort here, so there is nothing to debate about – the city has been attacked by robotic freaks and we have to overcome them through races. Frenzy of bodies and fountains in general. The coolest aspect of this mode is a quite nicely prepared mock-up of the city with 98 missions to complete. These range from regular races to time trials, secret surprises and boss fights. This is also where my first complaints about the work of Italian code masters begin. As you can see, the variety of game modes is very small, because in fact we have either an ordinary race, or a time trial or possibly a surprise that will take you some time to get to.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed – zawartość

During the game, however, I counted on the fact that the boss fights would turn out to be exciting and introduce something new, and these are just another ordinary races – longer, but only races. I miss something more, such as an elimination mode, 1v1 duels, challenges for drifters, or any special requirements for specific cars. Here, the developers have wasted a lot of potential, because of the 68 vehicles implemented at the moment, many of them are unusual special editions, such as a car-toaster, a Peanuts house, or even a machine from Back to the Future. Instead of using it for unique challenges, just any resistor can be used in every race.

It is true that the driving model has been prepared absolutely sensational and each vehicle drives completely differently, but it leaves a certain dissatisfaction. Exactly, but why riding Hot Wheels Unleashed is so sweet and special? It is difficult to describe it in any sense, but when driving these resorakami I really felt that I was driving a car like this – light as a feather, susceptible to impact and delicate as a toy. If you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to sit at the helm of such a car, this title will definitely meet your expectations.

The most important thing, however, is that each vehicle is driven differently, and the steerability, acceleration, braking and speed statistics assigned to them are quite important for the entire game. If you want, you can win any competition with the worst junk, but it will be more difficult than having a super-fast car and racing to the finish line at breakneck speed. Unfortunately, here I also see one serious problem that the reviewed game may have in the future – it is about flooding it with micropayments. Where did this idea come from?

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In the game, we have nearly 70 cars at our disposal, most of which we can get only from boxes with surprises, i.e. such lootboxes of this production. One lootbox costs as much as 500 coins, and for the win we have, for example, 40-50 pieces. What is worse, cars can repeat themselves, they have to be sold or scrapped to get parts for the development of the currently owned copies in our collection. Milestone has already implemented a store tab in the main menu, where you can buy lootboxes or cars from special offers. We will probably also buy the season pass there, the advertisement of which can already be seen in the main menu of the game. I am afraid that this will lead to the implementation of a micropayment system, and this, as we know after Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, does not end with a positive reaction from the community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Collection

It is true that collecting cars is one of the most important elements of the phenomenon of the entire Hot Wheels brand and the biggest fans give a lot of money for them, but in a production such as this one could avoid further milking fans with their hard earned money. Of course, the track editing mode could not be missing here, too, because it is also one of the most enjoyable activities that Mattel’s fans deal with – buying and assembling special tracks is a pure pleasure, which can also be enjoyed in digital form. This mode has a lot of potential, but before you can get its full potential, you will spend some time completing the City Rumble campaign.

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For now, we only have 6 environments on which we can construct routes, but this may change after the premiere with new content prepared by the developers. I also had a lot of fun decorating the Basement, a kind of collector’s room, where we can change every element of the environment and adapt our little asylum to our own taste – there is also a lot of potential for development and micropayments, so I will not be surprised how Milestone shower us with paid decorator packages. Importantly, the changes in the Piwnica edition mode are visible during races played in this arena.

The most important thing in all this, however, is that Hot Wheels Unleashed is a really great production with a unique driving model a’la Ridge Racer, where you can clearly feel that we are playing with classic springs and not driving real cars.

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