Hotel hacks: Twitter users share their best tips


Manager Rick Klau has launched a thread of unimaginable proportions on Twitter. He posted a photograph of a clothes hanger holding two curtains together with the help of the braces, which are actually intended for trousers. The annoying gap that often arises between two heavy hotel curtains, probably everyone knows. “I do not remember who posted this on Twitter a couple of years ago, but whoever you are, you improved every night that I've spent in a hotel ever since,” he wrote. More than 400,000 people liked the photo, but not only that: Under the picture, the curious and practical hotel tricks former guests gather now.

Tip 1: Each card works in the power switch

For example, in the hotel, not only the entrance card, but every card in the card column at the light switch, as a user reveals.

Tip 2: A glass for a louder alarm clock

And if you need a louder alarm clock to get out of bed in the morning, you can easily put your cell phone in a glass, preferably a wine glass.

Tip 3: Charge your phone on the TV

Even if no USB port is found, but the phone needs to be recharged urgently, that's no reason to panic: Almost every hotel room now has a TV and usually every TV has a USB port, reminds a man on Twitter.

Tip 4: Mobile charger charging

Even if the cell phone cable accidentally left home, there is a solution. A Twitter user reveals how he proceeds in such a case: he simply asks at the reception if they have found a cable. “They always have a whole crate there.” Good to know!

Tip 5: Hair conditioner as shaving cream

If you have forgotten your shaving cream, you can easily use the small hair conditioner that is often included in the hotel, because the composition is similarly frothy – at least several Twitter users have had this experience.

Tip for the road: That's why you should always have a tennis ball while traveling

Tip 6: A shower cap against bacteria

A woman recommends that anyone who wants to avoid touching the remote control, which is probably teeming with bacteria, should pull the shower cap that is usually provided by the hotel. And the shower cap, to be honest, nobody ever uses anyway.

Tip 7: iron without ironing

Especially on the way you often have important appointments – and then no time to iron his clothes, let alone an iron in the suitcase. So what if the clothes are completely crumpled? Here, too, the Twitter users know advice: During a hot shower, the clothes easily hang in the shower, so they do not get wet, but gets the hot steam. Then pull tight and it looks like freshly ironed.

8. Tip: More peace and darkness without Oropax and sleep mask

If you like it very quiet at night and are already disturbed by the noise in the hall, you can take a towel and stuff it in the door gap. It will dampen the noise at least somewhat – and the light from the hallway is then no longer visible. Twitter users, who else, have tested this for you!


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