House Democrat calls for an emergency hearing on presumed electoral fraud in North Carolina


A Democratic member of the Government and Government Reform Committee is calling for an emergency hearing to examine allegations of electoral fraud in the 9th district of North Carolina, in which Mark Harris leads with 905 votes.

State election officials are investigating allegations that a political agent working for the Harris campaign oversaw a crew of workers who illegally collected ballots from voters. The agent, Leslie McCrae Dowless, worked mainly in Bladen County.

"The real electoral fraud is taking place right in front of us," said representative Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), A member of the senior supervision committee. "The votes were stolen by relying on elderly and minority voters, and now a cloud of doubts and suspicions looms over this election result."

A spokesman for the Republican chairman of the committee, South Carolina's representative Trey Gowdy, said the House's Management Committee had primary jurisdiction over electoral matters.

Connolly's appeal for an emergency hearing comes the day after majority leader House Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) Said Democrats could refuse to seat Harris until questions will be resolved on the integrity of your election.

The probe delayed the certification of Harris' close victory over Democrat Dan McCready. The state electoral committee may request a new election.

In a statement Tuesday, the Republican Party of North Carolina declared "to fully support criminal investigations into possible illegal election activities." Although our information is extremely limited by the election officials, the latest news is relative and must be investigated bottom ".

But the party added that unless the officials have "clear evidence that the outcome of the race had changed or there was a substantial chance that the race could be changed," the electoral committee should certify Harris as the winner while the investigations continue.


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