House Hanna’s Lustweg completely destroyed by fire

This house on the Verlengde Hanna’s Lustweg in Suriname, was completely destroyed by fire at the beginning of the evening on Sunday. Two people who were in the house managed to leave the building in time.

The house was inhabited by a father, his son and a grandson. At the time of the fire, the father, who was at home with the grandson, was sleeping. He noticed the fire in time and managed to escape from the house with his grandson. They were not able to take things with them.

The Surinamese fire brigade (KBS) arrived on the scene with 2 fire extinguishers and a tanker. Despite their efforts, the house and contents were completely burned down.

The house was connected to the electricity grid. It is not known whether the house was also insured. The cause is also still unknown. Santo Boma Police are on the scene for investigation.

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