House of Cards, The Son, Ten Percent … series not to be missed in November 2018


Drama, animated series, comedies … whether inspired by real events or not, there is no lack of new fiction.

The spatio-temporal guilt ofOutlander, reappears in November and the transition to winter time is not at all. The return of the series is over, now the cult programs like House of cards or Ten percent he can come back. Other ambitious contents like Homecoming, Space in Dannemora or The truth about the story of Harry Quebert will delight the fans of the small screen. Here is our exhaustive list of series to follow this November:

November 2nd House of cards, season 6 on Netflix (in France)

After many adventures, the sixth season of House of cards finally come out on Netflix. The production of this final season was postponed following allegations of sexual violence against Kevin Spacey. Composed of six episodes, this season will be without the performer Frank Underwood and will honor his wife Claire. The character played by Robin Wright now inherits the position of President of the United States. After the burial of her husband, she is attacked by political opponents, the Sheperds, who intend to remove him from the White House.

November 2nd Homecoming, season 1 on Amazon Prime Video (in the United States)

Julia Roberts returns to television in the best way. in Homecoming He interprets Heidi Bergman, a social worker who has helped the soldiers to reintegrate into society on behalf of a government-linked institution. Four years after his departure, a Defense Department investigator found her questioning him. The place where he worked was actually a big secret. "I enjoyed interpreting two variations of the same character, Heidi, with its share of vulnerability, the information it receives is constantly fluctuating, we were not necessarily looking for a single answer, we were more interested in its journey," said Julia Roberts in a & # 39; interview.

November 4 Outlander, Season 4 on Starz (in the United States)

The adventures of Claire and Jamie continue in the land of slaves on Starz. In the last episodes of season 3, the couple tried to return to Scotland on board a boat. But their building was stranded on the shores of Georgia in the United States. This season 4 will remain faithful to the novels of Diana Gabaldon. Edward Speelers, Craig McGinlay and Maria Doyle Kennedy were called to reinforce the cast of the series. "It's a more mature relationship, it's a bigger love this year (…) The passion is stronger, I'm a strong team," said Caitriona Balfe at the microphone.Show tonight in August.

November 4 Son, season 1 on Sundance TV (in France)

The series produced by AMC focuses on the rise of the McCullough family in the oil industry in the early twentieth century. Pierce Brosnan plays Eli McCullough, the family patriarch who realizes one day that his ranch is located above an oil field. Deeply innocent, the landlord sinks into violence, attracted by the call of profit. With its western appearance, the series will be attended by Zahn McClarnon (Westworld), Henry Garrett (Blind Peaky), Paola Núñez or Jacob Lofland. Son it is based on the novel by Philipp Meyer, which supports the writer and the series producer. It will be broadcast in France on Sundance TV.

November 7th – access, season 1 on C8 (in France)

The first series of Ahmed Sylla makes its entry into C8. behind access hides the story of Yanis, an Internet star who is recruited on television for the "Sketchs & Associates" fiction show. Composed of twenty episodes, the series mixes comedy and drama with imaginative skits and situations in which Ahmed Sylla is the victim of the hoax of his colleagues. Produced by Calt Production, the series will be composed by Mathilda May, Olivier Charasson and Amir El Kacem.

November 12th Mars, Season 2 on National Geographic Channel (in France)

The launch of Mars in 2016 we started a few years after the inauguration of the first Martian colony: Olympus Town. The crew of Daedalus managed to install the human species on the red planet, but does this mean that Mars belongs to them? In their subway, the group of astronauts reflects the question. Always accompanied by the documentary sequence, Elon Musk, or the former director of NASA, Michio Kaku has agreed to testify in this second part. The six 42-minute episodes will be available on the National Geographic Channel from 12 November.

November 14 – Ten percent, season 3 on France 2 (in France)

The ASK agency returns with many guests. Jean Dujardin will be alongside Julien Doré, Béatrice Dalle, Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Lanvin. The story of this season 3 will focus on the rebellion of members of the star agency Andrea (Camille Cottin), Gabriel (Gregory Montel), Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert) and Arlette (Liliane Rovere) against their new boss Hicham (Assaad Bouab). For the moment, the only images we have of the series come from a fake movie trailer in which Jean Dujardin is killed by a soldier who deserts the army and flees into the forest.

November 16th Narcos Mexico, season 4 on Netflix (in France)

Inspired by a true story, this new season of narcos takes us to Mexico, to follow the birth of the Guadalajara cartel in the 80s. Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) wants to build a drug empire based on cocaine. A DEA agent played by Michael Peña investigates this business and ends up discovering the true face of the drug trafficker. Directed by Eric Newman (Bright), Narcos Mexico maintains the same violent and obscure identity of the previous seasons dedicated to Pablo Escobar. This fourth season will be available on Netflix as early as November 16th.

November 18 – Escape to Dannemora, season 1 on Showtime (in the United States)

Also drawn from real facts, Escape to Dannemora tells a spectacular escape to the Clinton Correctional Center in 2015. Richard Matt and Tilly Mitchell managed to escape from their cells by manipulating one of the guardians. Then follows an endless pursuit with the authorities that will last almost three weeks. This mini-series of eight episodes portray Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano as fugitives. The comedian Ben Stiller has directed and produced all the numbers of this season.

November 21 – The truth about the Harry Québert case on TF1

The miniseries worn by Patrick Dempsey will be available from Wednesday, November 21st in the early evening. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, this series of ten episodes is the adaptation of Joël Dicker's best-seller of the same name. Harry Québert, a best-selling author, is arrested by police after the discovery of a thirty-three-year-old corpse on his property. Convinced of his innocence, his friend Marcus Goldman conducts the investigation. The series will also be available in the United States on the Epix Pay TV channel.

November 30th Vikings, season 5 part B on History (in the United States)

He could have been called directly to the sixth season, but the story decided to split his fifth season into two parts of 10 episodes. The second half will be launched in the United States at the end of the month. We will find the sons of Ragnar Lodebrock in war on one another to conquer the capital Kattegat. After assassinating his elder Sigurd, Ivar the Bonatos will face Queen Lagertha and her brothers Bjorn and Ubbe. As if this were not enough, the self-proclaimed monarch wins a new rival: Bishop Heahmund played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the screen.



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