Housing allowance: almost 260,000 housing allowances were paid in March 2023, which is 50% more than last year. The average amount of the allowance paid was CZK 5,640 in March.

By the state prepaid housing allowance became one of the main tools governmenthow to help people with increased costs of housingdue to high energy prices. They have been increasing since autumn year 2021 (15.10.2021 stopped deliveries electricity Bohemia Energy) and peaked in autumn year 2022.

Normative costs of housingwhich are part of the calculation housing allowance and determine the average cost of housing for the relevant number of persons in the household, taking into account the size of the municipality, from January 2022 increased by 1,000 to 2,000 CZK and subsequently from October 2022 by another 2,000 to 4,500 CZK. The increase in normative costs gave a chance to gain housing allowance more people. Further from July 2022 opened the possibility of submitting an application for housing allowance online, the form has been slightly simplified, the frequency of submitting documents has decreased and contribution began to be provided for an indefinite period.

He experienced even more fundamental changes housing allowance from January 2023. Normative costs began to be divided according to the size of the place of residence into only 4 categories (Prague, Brnodo 69.999 resident and from 70,000 resident), the specific coefficient of 0.35 for Prague was cancelled, the normative costs for one and two persons in a household were unified, etc. More details about the current housing allowanceinclusive benefit entitlement calculatorswe write HERE.

All these incremental adjustments housing allowance were intended to expand the number of households that on housing allowance achieve and to dose helped especially those who are an increase energy prices and higher costs for housing affected the most, as it is conditional on documenting the costs of housing and household income. According to the information Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications from the beginning year 2022 she drew housing allowance only one third of all potential recipients of this aid, and therefore with promotion contribution the ministry tried to get more people to apply for it.

The following graph shows the development of the number of payouts contributions already housing from January 2021 until March 2023. While in March 2021 over 162,000 was paid out contributionsin March 2023 it was already over 259 thousand contributions, i.e. 60% more. According to experts, it represents almost 260,000 paid contributions 35% to 50% of households that would on contribution they could be entitled.

Amount of average paid housing allowance increased z 3.789 CZK in March 2021 which is 5.640 CZK in March 2023i.e. an increase of 49%. A significant increase in the average paid contribution it is especially visible from February 2023as they were paid in February housing allowances for January, and it was therefore the first month in which the changes in the law mentioned above in the article were taken into account.

Last values housing allowance therefore, they show record values ​​both in terms of the number of payouts doseas well as in the amount paid housing allowance. Jumping increase requests for housing allowance and shortage of workers on branches labor offices but also caused a significant delay payment allowance. For example, in Prague, housing allowance waits on average over 70 days, in some cases even 150. To a significant delay payment but also occurs in South Moravian a Central Bohemia region. According to the administrative regulations, it has at the same time employment Department o dose decide within 30 days. Due to delayed payments, some households are at risk of bankruptcy housing or disconnection from supply energy. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications promised a remedy by the end of April 2023.

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