Houston Astros player, Alex Bregman, tipped $ 500 for the maid who broke the car

A MLB player left a suggestion for a waitress after learning that he was having a bad time.

The third Houston Astros baseman, Alex Bregman, shared a video on his new YouTube channel of experience.

The athlete was talking on the phone with someone at The Moonshiners restaurant in Houston when he asked if there was someone working that night he was struggling financially.


When the man at the restaurant told him about one of the employees, Jordan Thompson, a full-time student at the University of St. Thomas, broke into his car that morning, Bregman said he had a plan to help her.

Regarding the launch of the YouTube channel, Bregamn said he "wanted to do some things that help some people, especially here in the Houston community, a community that has done so much for myself."

"We thought it would be a good idea to come and help a maid who is struggling right now, I think it's a good deed and I think when you're an athlete or someone who has the platform we have, it's important to give back and really use that platform in the right way, "he said in the video on the way to the restaurant.

Once in The Moonshiners, Bregman and his friends talk to the waitress while they sip water and iced tea. In the end they tell her they will not be able to stay, so they pay for the drink and leave $ 500 on the table in cash before going out.


When the waitress sees the tip, she goes out to thank Bregman and her friends. At that moment, they told her that they knew her car was broken and they wanted to help.

"More than help, I'm so happy now, thank you very much," he says to her in tears.

Another YouTuber, Mr. Beast, made such a feat in North Carolina, leaving his maid a $ 10,000 suggestion after ordering two waters.

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