Houthi Claims Destroyed US Spy Drone Over Marib


SANAA – Rebel group Yaman , Houthi , claims to have destroyed a drone spies belong United States of America (USA) over the battle area in Marib.

The city of Marib is currently the scene of major fighting as the Houthi rebels seek to seize the government’s last bastion in the north.

As the Houthis searched for hiding areas, international coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia, bombarded rebel positions and vehicles in Marib and the nearby area of ​​Shabwa.

“This morning, our air defenses managed to shoot down a US ScanEagle spy plane with suitable weapons,” said Houthi spokesman Yahya Saree. Al Araby from Anadolu, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

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Saree alleges “hostile acts” were carried out by the drone in Medghal District before being shot down

Neither Yemen’s internationally recognized government nor the US issued a statement regarding the Houthi claim.

The Houthis currently control parts of Marib, although the country’s government controls most of it there.

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