Houthi rebels capture a ship in the Red Sea linked to Israel and say they will attack more Israeli ships

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Houthi rebels Yemen confirmed this Sunday the capture of a ship, which they assured belongs to Israelsomething that the Jewish State denies, in “a military operation in the Red Sea“which culminated in the diversion of the ship towards a port controlled by the insurgents, who stated that these actions are only directed against Israeli vessels.

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yahya Sareesaid in a televised speech that the Shiite movement backed by Iran carried out this operation, “the result of which was the capture of an Israeli ship and its transfer to the coast of Yemen.”

The military did not specify which port the ship was transferred to, although the Houthis maintain control of two in the Red Sea: Al Hudeida and that of Al Salifthe latter used for military purposes.

Sarea also did not detail how many people were traveling on the boat or their nationalities, but indicated that the insurgents “treat the boat’s crew in accordance with the teachings and values” of Islam.

Likewise, he renewed his warning “to all ships that belong to or work with the Israeli enemy,” and indicated that these ships are “a legitimate objective”.

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