How a businessman stormed the face of Granada and United in the European League?

The fan who stormed the Spaniard’s Granada face was kidnappedManchester United The Englishman, the limelight in the quarter-finals “go” competition European League for football.

A report by the British newspaper “The Sun” revealed the details of this fan’s infiltration into the “Nuevo Los Carmenis” stadium, who stormed the stadium less than ten minutes after the start of the match.

The report, quoting the police, indicated that the man hid under a canvas for 14 hours, awaiting the start of the match, and sneaked into the stadium, at nine in the morning.

Cheerleader Olmo Garcia said in remarks carried by the same newspaper: “I have always thought about doing this, but I did not have the courage and confidence. Peace in the world for me is harmony, kind words, a planet without old age, a world without death.”

But the most strange thing is that this person who broke into the stadium, is a well-known businessman in Granada, famous for walking in the city, and he used this thing constantly in public places and with any important event in Granada, where he had previously done the same thing two years ago in the Alhambra The city is famous.

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