How an old man, poor and without a pension?: the reduced version of Rafael Caro Quintero to escape the justice

Rafael Caro Quintero, “The Boss of Bosses”: innocent, poor, and elderly (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The portrait it offers of itself Rafael Caro Quintero, 67 years of age, is hardly credible. In a story that is exculpatory that “The Narco of Narcos” did get to a federal court in mexico, described as a victim, a 60-year old man who cannot work and has no money even to pay an attorney in case of being arrested by the authorities.

“As I notorious fact, he argues, be subtracted from the action of justice, that prevents you from working or performing any activity that could acquire economic resources”, he stated in a petition filed before the First Collegial Court on criminal matters of Mexico City.

The military intelligence services, the prosecutor’s office of mexico and the Agency for Drug control in the united States (DEA) argue that dince his release from prison in 2013, Caro Quintero has regrouped his forces and taken advantage of the fall of his old friend, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, to challenge the plaza north of the country.

To do this it has focused its activity in the Golden triangle, one of the largest areas of opium production in America and has partnered with the Beltran Leyva, bitter enemies of the Sinaloa cartel. Each time more daring, in your climb would be trying to seize control of Ciudad Juárez, the great gate of entry to the united States.

Everything is denied by Caro Quintero. “The named appellant alleged insolvency because, she says, have more than sixty years of age, not be a pensioner or retired”.

The tab reward for the capture of Rafael Caro Quintero, “The Narco of Narcos” (Photo: DEA. gov)

Their attitude is that usual in the great capos. When to be arrested on the 22nd of February 2014, the police asked the Chapo occupation, replied that he was a simple farmer. In a sense similar express now Caro Quintero, and from then deny it, as it always has done, its participation in the murder of DEA agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarenathe crime that led him to prison in 1985 and since then haunts him night and day.

The prosecution considered proven that the 7 of February of that year, when Camarena left the american consulate in Guadalajara, was kidnapped by police and handed over to the Cartel of Guadalajara. In an area of the organization, the police american was tortured again and again while a doctor I had with life. When his body was recovered, it was discovered that he had been castrated and buried alive.

The atrocity struck as never before the heart of the DEA. The agency launched a massive operation, within and outside the law to catch the culprits. None was spared.

The first to fall was “The Narco of Narcos”. The justice of Mexico was sentenced to 40 yearsbut in 2013, when he was 12 years to comply, managed by a court of Jalisco would leave him at liberty by a defect of form. When the decision was invalidated was already in hiding.

Mexico, 2013. Rafael Caro Quintero was released due to errors in their process in the murder case of former agent of the united States , Enrique Camarena (Photo: FILE/ VICTOR MENDIOLA /CUARTOSCURO)

Mexico, 2013. Rafael Caro Quintero was released due to errors in their process in the murder case of former agent of the united States , Enrique Camarena (Photo: FILE/ VICTOR MENDIOLA /CUARTOSCURO)

His output has not escaped the eyes of the government of the united States, including a record of the court of Southern District of New York ensures that the drug traffickeroriginally from Badiraguato, Sinaloa, ands one of the business partners of the dictator of venezuela, Nicolas Madurowho also points to smuggle drugs.

Among other allegations that he faces Rafael Caro Quintero highlights that you referred to that since 1980, maintains the leadership of the Sinaloa Carteleven from prison, which would have generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

Of being extradited to the American Union would spend the rest of his life in an american prisonas el capo mexican faces charges in New York, Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas.


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